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Aisha lost three years of her memories, thinking she is still that young girl striving for goodness. She didn't know she got married and had a son who's now taken by her brother as his son till she regains her memory. After two years without success, her parents decided to get her married to Zayn. He became a large part of her life and without him, she knew she'd wither but even after knowing that, she was willing to let him go for the sake of his own sanity. When she regained her memories and found out just how impure and dirty she is from her past life, she wanted to let him go. He didn't allow that, he clung onto her like a second skin. It's a journey filled with emotional roller coaster. It entails love, romance, hatred, heartbreak and sadness. It's always going to be Zayn in her life...

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72 Chapters
Lying on the hospital bed is a beautiful young lady who has been through a lot. An accident occurred six months ago and she's one of the persons inside the car. Unfortunately, the other person died instantly. They were only two people in the car and she was the other one. She slipped into coma immediately after giving birth to her bouncing baby boy. The other man is her husband and he died instantly without a single breath coming out from him when the ambulance get to him."I think she's moving her thumb. That means she'll wake up soon." The old doctor explained to the Lady's mother who was standing next to him as he examine her daughter."Alhamdulillah! Thank you, doctor." She smiled gratefully at him before taking her place back on the chair next to the bed.The doctor left, leaving the Lady and the worried mother behind. She has been in and out of the hospital
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NANA AISHA TALIB ALIERO.Two Years Later. . .She smiled looking at what she just drafted in the pile of poems she has written. She is insane about happy endings, mad about love stories, magnet for clichés and strong love for sadness. She doesn't have any problem writing poems just for her own happiness and daydreams. Mostly, Islamic poems about her religion. She also sites a lot about sad ones like she was once heartbroken even though she wasn't. She has been alone all her life and she likes it.She'll lie down on her bed and wait for the idea to burst in through her and like a spirit, she'd jump off the bed and write, no matter what time it is or what she was supposed to do. Having nothing to do at home other than lazy-ing around the house. Locked up in he
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ZAYN KHATTAB BORKAN.Lying down on his bed, thinking about everything and nothing. After a long week, he finally has time to warm his bed. He has been expanding their family business this whole week to even find time for his room. His father decided to pass the business down to him a month back. His father thought he wasn't fit enough to have the business at the age of twenty nine, but something miraculously changed his mind. Not that he isn't good with his work, he knew he was great. He manage to spoil all his chances to get the company when he made a catastrophic decision. He was so blinded in retribution that he didn't lay much attention to his future. It was qualmish. It was almost too late when he manage to eviscerate his life from the caustic depth of noth
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Proposal. . .After having a great day with her brother, sister in-law and nephew, Nana thank Allah for having them in her life. If not for them, she didn't know whether she would be able to survive or not. Yes, her parents are always there but not the way she needs them, she knew they're trying their best. She hate to think that there are parents out there wanting a child even if he's blind or deaf but her parents are here neglecting them, well, not much. Or so she wants to put it.Talking about that, she's trying to get ready and accompany her brother and his family to the airport as they're going back to America today. She was so sad that he came three days ago but didn't bother coming to see her. After so much explanation that he wasn't in the same state as her, she finally accepted his apology and ask him to come back soon. She'll miss him so much, or in his words, she's going to miss Kh
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His cologne. . .Nana was asked to get dressed the next day. Her mother didn't tell her much about him, only his name. That didn't bother her. She's going to do everything Islamically, how Allah asked us to. This is about marriage, she's asked her father whether he did some research about the guy and he said yes. Everything is good and his reputation is great  even among his neighbours and employees. If everything about him is good, then who is she to say no. She's not plucky enough to bring her own spouse.It's not like she'd find anyone herself as she's always staying at home all by herself.Instead of wearing her casual clothing today, she decide to wear one of the native wears she's never worn. It's skirt and blouse. The skirt was style in a very beautiful fish flay, eight pieces and the blouse has a low peplum with three steps. She didn't know how
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The shy type. . ."You're going to see may or may not be your bride and in-laws, you can't wear suit." His mother screeched when Zayn sat down next to her on the sofa in the general living room."Maa, you were supposed to tell me that yesterday. Wearing a suit is stressing, now I have to remove everything!" He groaned before standing up and making his way back to his room at the back of the house.After checking his closet for two good minutes, he settle on wearing grey set of kaftan and matching cap. He smiled at his reflection, he likes wearing his mother's traditional clothe as much as he likes wearing his father's. It's been long since he last wore one, and now wearing it, he felt and looks different. He smiled at his reflection before walking out of the room and to the front door where he heard his mother and sister's voice coming from. They are b
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Venturesome ride. . .If there is anything Nana hated more than strawberry, is being alone with a male specie. She's praying for the earth to open up and swallow her whole being. She could feel his gaze even with her head bowed, it looks like he's stripping her out of her shell and she's not liking it one bit but held her tongue in. It'll be inappropriate to talk to him in a bad way -that would've been the most sleaziest thing she's ever done in her whole life. Instead, she took a deep breath before raising her head to look at the fair human in front of her. She plastered a nervous smile, the veil drawing back, leaving her face bare for him to see.She heard a sharp intake of breath, she didn't know whether it's coming from him or her because the man blew her mind away. The specie in front of her looks like he's something from another realm. Maybe realm of jinns or mages.&nb
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Tomorrow is the day. . .Nana stood tall in front of her students -females- looking at the throngs. Today will be her last day here and she wants to make most if it by talking about the topic every female will want to hear. They ask her to talk about Menstruation a long time ago but she said she wants to tackle more about it before transporting it to them. She is going to resign today and none of the students were happy about it, both male and female and even some of the teachers she doesn't talk to. She is kind of happy that she'll be missed but also sad. She loves them each in her own kind of way but half her deen is also calling out to her.Her soon to be in-laws house which by the way is where she's going to live, is not close to her house nor the Islamic school so now she'll have to resign, she doesn't even know what to do. She has no other choice! She has a
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Alhamdulillah!Zayn ferried out of the mosque, hearing so many series of congratulations from relatives, family friends, coworkers, clients, investors and many more. He is officially married! He is a married man, damn, that's hard to accept but he manage to get everything into his head in a month. He, Zayn Khattab Borkan, is married to Nana Aisha Talib Aliero and instead of feeling the way he felt before, he felt sated and complete, like everything is just falling into place all over again in his life. Like she's just the star he needs to shine his dark night.He's willing to give his all to this marriage, he'll make it work. Just because that didn't happen in the past, doesn't mean he'll still hold himself hanged around everything. He wants her to feel loved, to make sure she is happy and fall for each other so that even when she regains her memory, she'll not fall apa
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Ethereal and Nonplussed. . ."This is marriage dear. I know you're a teacher and you know most of the rights that your spouse have on you but there are things that you're still supposed to know. One of the one which every male hates is hissing. Don't you ever for the love of Allah hiss at your husband and I know you won't but please, they hate it with great passion, I also hate it. And then if you don't reply to them when they're talking to you, this one is not for all the males but try huh. If your spouse is angry, you should be calm. When one is fire, the other should be water. Always be the water my dear, I know you can do it."Our prophet (peace be on him) said: 'The woman who prays her five prayers, fasts in the month Ramadhan, protect her chastity and is obedient to her husband; such woman will enter Jannah from any of do
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