Nana blinked when she heard a groan coming from behind her. Who is in her room early in the morning and the voice sounds so male-ish. Fahad cannot be here then who? Just then, it hits her like cold water is dumped on her sleeping body. She was married yesterday and Fahad is really at home but not her home. She can still remember the heart wrenching goodbye they'd shared even though he told her that Zayn is a good man and he'll take care of her, Nana still didn't like the idea of living the comfort of her lilac and baby pink room.

She swiftly pivoted when she heard the groan again, there, her husband is shifting positions on the couch with an annoyed expression even though his eyes are shut. Nana stifled a chuckle before standing up, still trying to adjust to the rays of sun that's coming from the huge window. She didn't fail to wake up for Subh prayer even though she was exhausted beyond words. She wake Z

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