Chapter 11

She let out a light gasp as she looked up at him, puzzling over his reason for such action. Why woulf he tear down her shirt? What's be doing?

Zane had a smirk on his face as he stared at the two big b00bs resting in the brazier. 

Beautiful....he thought. 

He tore it down so more and when Kaylan flinched and tried retreating, he pulled her back. 

"You don't take a step when I'm touching you - Hunter's daughter" he gritted. 

He tore the entire fabric off her skin until finally, just the brazier could be seen on her chest. 

*What're you doing??!" Kaylan wnated to yell at him, but forcefully restricted herself. 

She was much aware of how cruel he was. Despite having a cute face and all, she knew he was nothing but a handsome devil. 

"Go on your knees, Kaylan" he said and Kaylan's jaws dropped. On her knees??

"Wh... Why?"

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