Wanted By The Alpha King

Wanted By The Alpha King

By:  Sasha Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Her name is Kaylan. The only daughter of a famous wolf Hunter named Sapphire. Her mother - Sapphire - was known by every wolf as a great enemy due to the way she fought and killed them. So, when Sapphire is believed dead, every wolf goes after Kaylan because they want to extract revenge. Kaylan tries to run and hide from the wolves, but it wasn't possible, especially when the cruel Alpha Zane was involved. She was wanted by the Alpha for two reasons - because he wanted revenge, and because she had something that belonged to him.

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When’s the next chapter?
2022-03-15 03:26:56
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very interesting. what's up with the updates???
2022-03-02 02:03:41
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Very interesting story
2021-11-06 05:57:04
17 Chapters
Kaylan ran as fast as she could, her heart beating heavily and her legs already feeling tired. Yes, she was tired, but wasn't ready to stop.   Tiny drops of sweats gemmed her forehead, her breath hitching and making her pant.    "Oooowwwl!!" The blood thirsty wolves howled from behind her, far away. But Kaylan knew in no time, they'd catch up with her and do as they wish.    She never knew she could run that fast, not until that very day. And now she was finally being chased, she couldn't help but wish it never had to happen. A wistful wish.    The wolves-about three of them-were still very far, but considering their supernatural status, Kaylan knew it was only a matter of time before they catch up with her, since she was only but a human.   &nb
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Alpha Zane
Kaylan couldn't help but feel so sorry for herself as she snuggled herself in the moving truck. Where does she go from here? How does she survive? Her mother didn't keep friends. And as a result, she couldn't keep any friends either. She was rarely going out in the first place. Although, she attended high school, but that was it.  She was the quiet and secluded type and due to her mother's history of being a hunter, most people saw it risky associating with her as well. Although, the mere humans loved the wolf hunters and appreciated what they did since they were trying to protect them from the beastly animals, but considering how powerful Kaylan's mother was, they just couldn't help but feel a little scared of associating with her. And maybe being the kind of lady she was, didn't really care or make any attempt herself. So, all she did was go to school, learn and return home.  She only had one friend - her ver
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His Mate And Sex Mistress
Kaylan could feel her heart beating so heavily as the truck stopped moving. Oh, no. What does she do? She didn't plan did this.  Although, she'd expected the truck would definitely stop moving, she just never planned for what she would do when that really happens.  The truck driver had gotten to his location which was in front of a warehouse and stepping down to go open the truck, he was beyond shocked when he found a lady nestled right there - amongst his goods.  "The f**k is this??" The old man who should probably be in his late fourties, flinched as he wore a crumpled look on.  Kaylan's heart was beating really fast. She knew the warehouse might be filled with boys and just one call from the fat man in front of her, the boys would rush out and might end up doing nasty things to her.  "Please.... I don't mean any harm" Kaylan stated meticul
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Going hunting himself
Where could she be - Mandie thought.Nessa was not the type to stay out for so long.  "Have you seen her since then?" Alpha Zane asked again, his hand dropping from Mandie's jaw.  "I... I haven't Alpha" Mandi answered in a pained tone, lowering her gaze to the floor. And swiftly, Zane pusher her off as he stood up, took his shirt from the bed and walked towards the door.  "Get out of my room, Mandie" he stated brusquely as he finally left.  Pain and incensement filled Mandie's heart immediately as soon as he said those words to her. *Get out of my room*  Damn it!! Why the hell should this happen? Why now?? Just when she was so close to getting the Alpha - again? She stood up from the floor and fisted her hands. Her furs were trying to come out of her skin, but she fought them back and tried keeping a c
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Found her
Mandie was shocked when she heard of Nessa's condition. She was in a critical condition? By who?? Who could've attacked her? She rushed towards her to room to see for herself, and getting there, she was surprised to really find her friend in a terrible state. She was are already sleeping - unconscious - and looked really terrible. What could've happened to her? Who attacked her? "Nessa?" She called and tapped her hand, but there was no response.  According to her informant, they have no idea who or what attacked her. And the two companions she'd gone with didn't return with her.  Wow... she looked really terrible. Was she going to make it? ********************** Kaylan stood under the tree in the dark, staring at the breezy restaurant in front of her. It looked so busy with people trooping in and out of it. To Mandie, it was a m
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The gem for pity
Alpha Zane stood and watched from a distance as the Hunter's daughter walled in. A creepy smile crept onto his face. At long last, he's found her.  That was the closest restaurant around and he'd been standing there for a long time, waiting for her to show up.  One unique thing about him was his ability to calculate. He was extremely calculative and tend to know how humans think and act. More reason he was more superior than the others.  The Hunter's daughter; at long last, he's found her.  ********************* Kaylan walked into the restaurant, keeping her head low as usual.  It was so full and busy, majorly filled with men. The few women around were halfly dressed and seem to be bent on pleasing the men.  Noise, smell of drinks and cigarettes was what filled the air and those were things Kaylan didn't like
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Chapter 7
Kaylan could feel her heart neck as he whispered those words. The gem..! So, he knows about it as well? And was it something that important? Why else was he asking for I?   She went mute, fear coursing through her, but she tried not to show it.    "I don't... know about any gem" she finally said, her mind drifting to the woods where she'd buried it.    Zane could feel a twitch in his mood and went round to stand in front of her. He'd turned...angrier.    Kaylan, looking up at him, was surprised when she found a young fine man standing in front of her. So, he'd been the one talking?   "I'd advise you not to try my patience, Kaylan" he squatted in front of her, having his eyes stare into hers.  "We're talking abou
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Chapter 8
Alpha Zane stood patiently in the room, awaiting Manchalla.His nose had stopped bleeding, but the traces of blood could still be found on it. Why was he bleeding? The question kept repeating in his head.  Not long after, the door opened with Manchalla walking in, holding his small bag. "What took you so long?" Zane grunted, his heart becoming more impatient now that he's arrived.  "Sorry Alpha, I needed to attend to certain things" Manchalla replied. "What's the problem?" "It's the bleeding. It started already" Zane pointed out the traces of blood on his nose and Manchalla went closer to have a clear look.  "This is strange" he noted. "You shouldn't be bleeding yet. The curse shouldn't be at this stage already".  It only made Zane more worried, tho it would never show up on his face. 
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Chapter 9
Alpha Jasper was in his room, head bowed and his palms on his face, looking so worried.  The distant voices from outside were getting at his head as he badly needed some quietness, needed some silence. He couldn't ba at peace.  The witches - they might be there at any moment and no doubt, would be so upset since he didn't have what they wanted yet. He'd made a deal with the witches and in exchange, he was to hand them the Hunter's daughter; but there he was, repeatedly failing at it. He really needed to do something before he gets a bad consequence from the witches.  Shortly, he heard some footsteps - gentle and depicted her personality. The figure walked up from behind, stood behind him and placed her both hands on his shoulders.  "What troubles my great one?" The serene voice asked softly, it was so soft, it always had a way of piercing into Jasper's soul. 
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Chapter 10
Alpha Jasper paced angrily in the room, his head burning with anger. His boots hit hard against the floor as he walked tho and fro.  "Jasper, you need to calm down". Kylie said tiredly and Jasper turned to look at her.  "Calm down?!" He roared."How the f**k do you expect me to be calm, Kylie?? When I just lost some pack members to that worthless Zane??" His eyes were blazing.  "Well, I.... I think he must've retaliated due to the attack you had launched on some of his members. Remember I tried talking you out of it, Jasper; but you wouldn't listen...." "Shut up, Kylie!" He cut her off. "I don't need your pathetic blames. That's not what I need now!!" And Kylie's lips went shut.  Just then, his beta walked in.  "Alpha" Ethan called with a bow. "The witches are here".*
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