9 - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

A lot of minutes had passed but Sidhiel's heart is still racing.

Whew! What happened during dinner was tough. It was not him that Eara kept on interrogating but it felt like he was the one on the hot seat. Good thing he thought immediately of a way out.

He was thankful that he doesn't need to hear Kalyx's answer because he will surely get hurt.

What kind of person in his right mind would like to date someone as simple and plain as him? Certainly not Kalyx.

He is sure that Kalyx would want to be with someone that is intelligent and fun to talk to and be with. Not like him who shakes with nervousness and stammers when spoken to.

But he was surprised by how Eara described him. They both know that she was referring to him.

A simple person but very beautiful in their own way. Those were Eara's exact words. This is the first time that Eara complimented him. His father would often tell him how gorgeous he is

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