Stammering Hearts

Stammering Hearts

By:  Addie Bell  Completed
Language: English
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Nine-year-old Sidhiel hated himself. He was always caught by Kalyx in a very embarrassing situation, resulting in Kalyx teasing him. And when he tries to retort or snap back, he gets embarrassed even more. It's either he can't even say a word or he stutters! Kalyx said that maybe, Sidhiel got a crush on him. Could that be true?

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Beautiful story, I love how Kalyx has never given up him...️ Perfect love story
2022-08-24 23:08:28
21 Chapters
1 - Now Let's Try My Name
"J-Jack a-and J-Jill w-went u-up t-the h-hill to f-fetch a pail of w-water.." Sidhiel stopped singing when he heard someone calling behind him. He turned his head to its direction and he was not surprised when he realized who it is. Kalyx. He was the son of Diehl's best friend, who also happened to be his godmother. The Brier's always visit them so he's already used to seeing Kalyx in their house. Even though Sidhiel ignores him and doesn't talk to him, Kalyx  still finds a way to get his attention and to make him talk to him. Or should he say, piss him off. It seems like Kalyx's visit in their house will not be complete until he annoys the hell out of him. "You're already nine years old but you're still stuttering." Fourteen-year-old Kalyx teased. Sidhiel ignored him. He just looked at the ground and quietly turned his back to him. He gripped his favorite  teddy bear tightly like it will pr
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2 - Won't See Him Anymore
It's one of those days that Eara's interest was on Sidhiel's favorite teddy bear again. She kept on taking the stuffed toy from Sidhiel. What happened was the two ended up holding each arm of the toy and kept on pulling on it. Eara managed to take the toy from Sidhiel but her arm swung towards Diehl's expensive and favorite vase. The vase fell on the floor and broke into pieces. Kalyx clearly saw everything that had happened. Diehl also heard it because she immediately went where her son and daughter were, followed by Alena. "What happened here?" Diehl asked, eyes darting to her son and daughter back and forth. Diehl's face darkened upon seeing the broken vase. "Who broke the vase?" She asked angrily, eyes focused on Sidhiel. "M-Mom-" Sidhiel tried. "I-I just want to borrow his toy, Mommy. But then-" Eara tried to explain. Diehl turned to Sidhiel, cutting Eara off. "Since before, you always cause headache
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3 - Surprise
"I'll miss you, Dad. I'll always miss you." Sidhiel said crying while holding the picture of his deceased father.He hugged the picture and let out heartbreaking sobs. His father died after his bypass operation. Although the specialists already told them that there's a fifty-fifty chance to it, they still expected him to survive.But faith was playful. He can still remember their conversation before his father was brought inside the operating room."Sidhiel, if I don't make it in there, I want you to take care of yourself. Do what your heart tells you. Believe in yourself, honey." Mark weakly said while the nurses were wheeling him towards the operating room. He was clutching his father’s hand tightly, not wanting to let it go.He was stopping his father from talking but Mark continued. "I am so proud of you, Sid. I know all of your achievements." Sidhiel looked at
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4 - The One That Got Away
He closed his eyes again. He was hallucinating.All right, there's not a day that passed without him thinking about this person. He was always in his prayers.But it couldn't be.When Sidhiel opened his eyes again, it was confirmed. The tall and well-built figure standing on the doorway with quizzical brown eyes was indeed Kalyx Brier. The man he had admired for as long as he could remember, was standing in front of him.The man was smiling widely at him."K-Ka.."He can't even say his name."K-Kalyx..?""Why, Sidhie, you've grown up! What took you so long? Did you know that I've been waiting for you here for hours?" Kalyx said in a flash without stopping.Sidhiel just continued staring at Kalyx. His cerulean eyes were wide with surprise. His mouth was even slightly parted."You might catch flies." Kalyx teased.He immediately closed his mouth. He felt his face getting hot with embarrass
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5 - Meeting You..Again
Kalyx had been lying on his bed for a long while now but his mind is still very much awake.The sweet smile on his lips hasn't been erased yet.He suffered ten long years of not being able to see Sidhiel's beautiful face. He had no choice but to be contented with the photos of Sidhiel that his mom sent him.Earlier, while waiting for the boy, he can't help himself from worrying when night came and Sidhiel still hasn't come home.It was nine-thirty when he told his Aunt Diehl that he will wait for Sidhiel. Diehl had already retired in her room but Kalyx was still left worrying in the big living room. Still hoping for the only person he had been anticipating to see, to finally arrive.Exactly ten o-clock when he decided that he will just wait on the front porch of the house. And imagine his surprise and happiness when upon opening the door, he saw a close-eyed Sidhiel.He can't forget the expression on Sidhie
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6 - First Breakfast Together
"What's the problem with your car?" Kalyx asked upon nearing him.Sidhiel just wished that he doesn't look so bad. He felt so small beside Kalyx, because he literally is smaller than the man.No word came out of his mouth. He thought that this was better than stuttering in front of him."Let me see your car." Kalyx held the hood of his car.Sidhiel just stood there watching Kalyx while the latter was checking the engine of his car."The problem was the radiator. You also need to tune this up." Kalyx said after a few minutes."I-Is that so? Thank you. I can handle it from here. You should go." He said wanting to get away from Kalyx."Where will you go? Why does your car seem so full?" Kalyx asked not commenting on Sidhiel's words."I just had to go somewhere important.""I think it's better if I just drive you to where you're going," Kalyx said."Huh? Uhm.. I d
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7 - Walking Out
Sidhiel's face felt hot. If Kalyx was trying to make him feel uncomfortable, he was succeeding."And because you don't want to talk to me properly. When I asked you questions, your answer is so short like you're allergic to me. This is better." Kalyx said, still grinning.Sidhiel looked down at his fingers at the same time that the waiter came back with their orders."Okay, I'll talk to you. But stop staring at me." He said when he lifted his head again."All right. Shoot.""A-Are you staying f-for good?" He cursed himself for stammering.Kalyx laughed. "Hey, you're stuttering again. Why?"Instead of answering, he just focused on his food. Maybe, it would be better if he just ignore Kalyx. After all, he can't match him."Why can't you at least try to be mad or snobbish?" Kalyx commented amusedly. "Before, during our childhood days, you don't fight back even when you're annoyed at me. You will just look
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8 - Would You Go Out With…
"I don't know why I reacted that way, Dad. I just said all those things to Kalyx." Sidhiel admitted in front of his father's tombstone. That's where his feet brought him. He expects that if he tells his father what happened between him and Kalyx a while ago, the tension he's feeling will decrease. But he wasn't succeeding. "Ahh!" He rubbed his face with his hands. "I'm stupid, stupid, stupid. Why Dad? Why does every time I see him, all I can envision and think is how far we are from each other? I feel like, I don't even have the right to be his friend. I don't know, Dad. I hate this feeling. Why do I always feel like I'm nothing compared to everyone." "I tried to do what you told me, Dad. You know, that ‘believing-in-yourself’ thing. I swear I tried. Sometimes, I succeed. But a lot of times, I fail." Sidhiel cried because of frustration. " I think, Mommy is right. That I am heading nowhere. That I will just stay like this. I wou
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9 - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
A lot of minutes had passed but Sidhiel's heart is still racing. Whew! What happened during dinner was tough. It was not him that Eara kept on interrogating but it felt like he was the one on the hot seat. Good thing he thought immediately of a way out. He was thankful that he doesn't need to hear Kalyx's answer because he will surely get hurt. What kind of person in his right mind would like to date someone as simple and plain as him? Certainly not Kalyx. He is sure that Kalyx would want to be with someone that is intelligent and fun to talk to and be with. Not like him who shakes with nervousness and stammers when spoken to. But he was surprised by how Eara described him. They both know that she was referring to him. A simple person but very beautiful in their own way. Those were Eara's exact words. This is the first time that Eara complimented him. His father would often tell him how gorgeous he is
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10 - Even Just For A Moment
"W-What are you doing here? H-Have you been there since..? D-Did you see..?" Sidhiel asked Kalyx sequentially. Kalyx was not answering his questions yet but his face already started coloring red. He already knows what the answer to his questions was. Oh, Gosh, why does he have to see me like this? Sidhiel wailed in his mind. "Take a deep breath, sweetheart," Kalyx instructed. Sidhiel involuntarily obeyed Kalyx. He took several deep breaths. Then, Kalyx's word sank in his mind. Did he hear Kalyx right? Did he really call him 'sweetheart'? He eyed Kalyx through his lowered eyelids. Kalyx was grinning. He scowled. Kalyx was surely teasing him again. "Are you ready for my answers, Sid?" Kalyx asked mischievously. "To all of your questions, 'yes' is my answer. Yes, I've been here since you came down. Yes, I saw your performance. Ye-" Kalyx suddenly
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