10 - Even Just For A Moment

"W-What are you doing here? H-Have you been there since..? D-Did you see..?" Sidhiel asked Kalyx sequentially.

Kalyx was not answering his questions yet but his face already started coloring red. He already knows what the answer to his questions was.

Oh, Gosh, why does he have to see me like this? Sidhiel wailed in his mind.

"Take a deep breath, sweetheart," Kalyx instructed.

Sidhiel involuntarily obeyed Kalyx. He took several deep breaths.

Then, Kalyx's word sank in his mind. Did he hear Kalyx right? Did he really call him 'sweetheart'?

He eyed Kalyx through his lowered eyelids. Kalyx was grinning.

He scowled. Kalyx was surely teasing him again.

"Are you ready for my answers, Sid?" Kalyx asked mischievously. "To all of your questions, 'yes' is my answer. Yes, I've been here since you came down. Yes, I saw your performance. Ye-" Kalyx suddenly

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