Natash woke up feeling really down, she drank quiet a lot yesterday and didn't realize she fell asleep right beside the pool. Robert had to carry her to her room, watching her sad and broken, he was hurting so bad, if only he knew just how he could take away all her pains, he would do that right away not withstanding the risk involve.

Getting up from the bed, she felt very weak as she stretch herself. There is a slight bang on the door as the butler Mr. Mark a light skin man with grey hair and sunken eyes probably in his late fifties walks in wearing a Cooperate suit.

“ Good morning Miss Natash!"

“ Morning Mark, how can I help you?”

“ Derrick is here, he says it Matter of urgency!"

“ Tell him I will be with him in a few minutes.”

Mr. Mark nods his head in response before retreating back downstairs.

Natash despite being seen as weak, she hate to show out any sign of weakness even to her subordinate. She rushed to the bathroom, had a quick bath, coming out from the bathroom, she applied a thick makeup, her curled blonde hair falling around her shoulder. She wore a red asymmetric jumpsuit, red was her favorite color and she would wear it At least four times in a week on different expensive designs. She wore a black stilettoes bringing out that bossy vibe in her, her makeup was bitchy, but she actually intend being a bitch today.

Arriving at the sitting room, Derrick is seated waiting for her. He is her second man after Robert, a dark skin guy with afro haircut, one of his hobby is probably eating and he is regarded as 'the life of a party' While Robert is good with computers, Derrick is always the brain behind every decision taken at the company nor the casino, Natash regards him as the most intelligent man she has ever met.

“ Derrick?! What is it?”

She ask sitting on one of her armchairs.

“ Boss! Good morning! We have a slight issue I thought I should inform you of”

The butler walks in holding a tray of tea, he place it on the side stool close to Natash, didn't say a word and walks away giving them their privacy.

“ So what is it Derrick?”

“ It senator Meyer! He passed a bill these morning to banned gambling or any gambling company. The bill has been passed at the Senate house”

There is a slight wink on her face, she pours out the tea from the kettle into the tea cup on the tray and slowly sips through it, showing a nonchalant attitude.

“ He is trying to get back at me with one swift blow! That impressive! What do you think we should do?"

“ Well I suggest we do nothing for now, I have informed senator Evans to watch him closely and inform me of any news at the Senate house. Let wait and see how it goes first”

“ Okay. Inform Robert to dig out some dirt on him, we need a liability just in case!”

“ Yes boss! Are you coming to the casino tonight?”

“ Yes! But first I need to attend a meeting with the first lady, I owe her a favor. Send in a driver to take me there”

“ Okay boss. I will get Kyle on that. I have to get going now!”

“ Sure! She walks back upstairs while Derrick takes his leave.

After few hours, she is ready to leave, walking out of the hallway down to the sitting room, her driver is waiting for her.

Mrs. Cruz wasted a lot of resources just to make sure Adam gets the job at NATEL COMPANY without tipping them off, Adams has been able to deposit some amount of money to the hospital to commence his mother's treatment. Standing right at Natash sitting room, he is not nervous like he taught he would be, instead he is determined as ever to get these to work in other to provide a better and comfortable life for his family.

“ Good morning Ma'am!"

He greeted the moment Natash walks into the living room.

“ Who are you?"

“ Am your new driver, Kyle sent me here!”

“ You don't address me as ma'am, you address me as BOSS!!"

She spoke lowering down her lashes.

“ Yes ma'am.......I mean boss!"

He wasn't sure why, but she had an aura around her that was scary and intimidating for a woman at that, so much thought rushing through his mind at the moment. She was beautiful with her fair skin and yet posses those dark piercing eyes, when she stood, there was Elegance and grace, her height was just what every man wanted but yet she didn't seems lovable to him.

“Let go!"

She walks out the door while he followed.

Adams was familiar with the fact that to be a driver, he had to be familiar  with lots of places around LA. He has worked as a delivery man for several companies and was familiar with the surrounding.

While Adams was handling the steering, Natash sat at the back seat of the car, her hands busy on her laptop, and then suddenly the car came to an abrupt stop, it was only then she drift her eyes away from the laptop. A woman carrying a child is standing in front of the car, she looks worn out and hungry but why did she stopped her car was something she was  yet to comprehend.

“ What is going on driver?!”

“ I don't know, she just rushed in front of the car, I almost ran her over!”

Natash wind down the car window so she is able to speak to the woman.

“ What is it? Do you have a death wish?!!”

She yelled at the woman carrying a child as the woman move close to her.

“ Miss Natash! I am the wife of Nicholas, the one you sent to jail, please you know all evidence against him were false, set him free, my kids and I are starving, they need their dad!!"

The woman cried out, Adam felt pity for her, he could clearly remember how his dad was killed, he was framed by the rich just like Natash.

“ Am sorry ma, if you have a problem, go speak to the judge, do not block my way next time or else I will instruct the driver to run you over.”

Her words were sharp as a sword, there were no emotions in them which left Adams wondering if she was actually human.

“ Please! I beg of you, help us! My son is at home sick, the judge confiscated all of my husband's property, I know you can help, please I am a woman like you, help us"

She cried while the baby was also crying.

“ Driver! Move the car, and if she stands in the way, run her over and dam the consequences!!”

She exclaimed, her voice fierce and her eyes were sharp and piercing, Adams couldn't believe what he just heard.

“ Boss are you sure?!"

He asked, he needed to be sure he did not misheard.

“ Are you nut! I said move this car!!”

She shouted and without further delay, he started the car, while the woman outside drifted away from the car in other not to be injured.

Even as Adam drove the car away, his heart boiled in anger. At first he felt guilty and consider himself greedy for taking up these job, but right now, seeing how heartless she was, he wasn't feeling anything like guilt, all he felt was deep hatred for these lady who taught she had the world in her hands.

Even as they arrived at the first Lady's private Villa, she didn't say a word to him as she followed the guards directing her inside.

It wasn't a big house, just a bungalow, but the designs were rare and unique, the compound decorated with lots of flowers, it was beauty to behold. Walking into the living room, Natash could vividly remember the first time she met the first lady. She was kidnapped by a top politician who wanted to force the president's hand to resign, Robert got the Intel on time and informed Natash, she single handedly rescued the first lady that day. The first lady had never seen something like that before, her technique in handling the gun, her speed and tactics in driving the car in other to avoid the enemies, even while others regarded Natash as a devil, she considered her an angel who just didn't want to show herself to the world.


Claudia arrived from work early cause she knew Adam would be late, she quickly prepared something quick and rushed to the hospital while she let Avril enjoy her own meal in peace. Claudia's mom barely saw her daughter and always wondered why Claudia was so connected to that family, but for Claudia, her heart were already invested in Adam that made her reject several suitors, she strongly believed he had feelings for her just like she had for him and was patiently waiting for the day he would finally profess his love for her.

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