QUEEN NATASH (Queen of the game)

QUEEN NATASH (Queen of the game)

By:  Perry will  Ongoing
Language: English
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Queen Natash, CEO of NATEL FASHION WORLD and also the boss of NATEL casino, she is the most powerful woman in Los Angeles, she cleans up the mess for the wealthy, she holds all the card to the game, but what happens when her rivalry sends an agent undercover, his job is to make her fall in love with him, will he be able to turn her world upside down or will she turn the tables around instead?!!

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Authouress preshy
it's awesome
2021-08-25 22:41:25
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Chinelo Okigwe
when are we getting an update?
2021-08-06 15:20:20
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Hooked already. The book is superb.
2021-07-21 20:35:49
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S S Dash
Wow 😳 this book is a chart buster from the very beginning. I can't wait to read the next chapters.
2021-07-21 20:00:45
11 Chapters
QUEEN NATASH, the most powerful woman in Los Angeles and the boss of NATEL casino where all the games take place. Natasha Garcia was born to the family of Smith and Helen Garcia. Me Smith worked as a driver for a very influential politician, but one day he witnessed a murder scene that cost him his life and that of his wife. Little Natasha had to grow up alone in the street eating from the waste and she grew up desperate for a way out of poverty. She was finally scouted by Mrs. Cruz who took her into her casino. Her job was as a stripper who had to tend to all the needs of their clients. But soon after, Natasha didn't want to remain like that, so she began to do more than just be a sex toy. She began to help influential men and women clean up their mess which includes a murder scene. She was finally holding the secrets of the most influential people in Los Angeles and that made her more powerful. Soon she opened up her casino, beating Mrs. Cruz off the game which made them sworn
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Chapter 2
Senator Randall alighted from his car accompanied by twelve hefty men in black who were fully armed. “ What is going on here? ”. He asks, seeing his daughter in a commotion with his men. Levi took a few steps backward, signaling to his men to return to their post. “ Did you ask these animals to stop me from leaving? ”.“ Come on, dear, it's good to see you awake and talking, but that doesn't mean you should insult those who try to keep us safe”.“ Who cares about what they do? All I know is that you should advise them not to stop me next time, else it will not be funny! ”.“ Relax, dear, you do not have to be so rigid”. Senator Randall spoke as he wrap his arm around her shoulder. “ You don't have to distress yourself any longer, I found you a suitable bodyguard, his name is Kelvin, and he served twice in the army, so he is really capable”. Elena stares at the masculine man in front of her, who has an intimidating height. Having felt contented after staring at him for a while, she
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 Adams just got off work from the delivery office and was rushing to his second job on his power bike where he works as a cleaner when his phone kept ringing non stop. He stopped driving so he could attend to the caller. It was his sister Avril and he immediately knew it had to be emergency cause Avril would never call him during his work hours if it wasn't important.“ Hello! Avril?”Adams! I just came back from school....... and met mom on the floor, she is not waking up, I don't know what to do!!”She was panting frantically.“ Calm down Avril, call 911, I will meet you guys at the hospital!!"“ Okay! "She hangs up. He knew if he didn't show up at work then he was going to loose his job, but right at that moment, the most important thing to him was the life of his mother.Arriving at the hospital, Avril is seating at the waiting area, rubbing both her palms together and sobbing silently.
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 Adam missed all his part-time job for the day and couldn't get any pay. It was 8pm and he was waiting for his childhood friend Claudia who works for a large firm to dismiss from work. He needed her to look after Avril while he rushed to the hospital and was desperately praying she came back home with anything Avril could eat.Luckily Claudia had been inform about his mom's condition by Avril who called her on phone and she bought three take out of pasta.“ Adam! How is your mom?!"Claudia ask the moment she walked into the two rooms apartment with few properties that could be counted by just a glance.“ Claudia! You are back!”“ How is your mom?"She questioned again looking anxious.“ She is on life support! They need a deposit as soon as possible before any treatment can commence”“ How much are we talking about?”“ I need to make a deposit of $300,000 befor
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 Natash woke up feeling really down, she drank quiet a lot yesterday and didn't realize she fell asleep right beside the pool. Robert had to carry her to her room, watching her sad and broken, he was hurting so bad, if only he knew just how he could take away all her pains, he would do that right away not withstanding the risk involve.Getting up from the bed, she felt very weak as she stretch herself. There is a slight bang on the door as the butler Mr. Mark a light skin man with grey hair and sunken eyes probably in his late fifties walks in wearing a Cooperate suit.“ Good morning Miss Natash!"“ Morning Mark, how can I help you?”“ Derrick is here, he says it Matter of urgency!"“ Tell him I will be with him in a few minutes.”Mr. Mark nods his head in response before retreating back downstairs.Natash despite being seen as weak, she hate to show out any sign of weakness even to her s
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FIGHTING FIRE WITH WATER. Arriving back home, Adam was feeling really exhausted, he drove for quite a long time today to different locations and the last place he took his boss to was the casino. He watched her as she sat with her clients, pouring drinks for them while they placed their bet, their hands ceasing her thighs from time to time and yet she didn't mind, all she needed was the money. For him she was the most disgusted human he has ever met.“ Adam! You are back!”Avril called while Claudia who was lying on the tiny couch at the living room stretch herself as she stood up, a weak smile on her face on seeing him. “ You are back!  That woman must have really stressed the life out of you"She complained. “ Why are you still here Claudia, it almost 2am and you are fully aware you have to be at work early right? Besides that couch is too tiny and might cause your back to ache!!”He grumbled. She liked that about him, the way he always car
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 “ Robert taught to himself that Mrs. Cruz was not the one to back off so easily and yet she has been quite after the event with senator Evans.“ Yes Robert, I also think so. She is definitely cooking up something else, but I will be waiting for her”A seed of determination in her eyes as she sips through her cup of lemon tea. Robert stare at her for some minute not sure whether he should bring this up.“ How many more to go?"He asked as the question surprised her.“ What?!!”“ I mean how many are left in your list of revenge?”“ Robert we are in a public place, you should never ask me such, I won't rest until all ten of them are down to the ground begging for mercy!”Her eyes burning with fire, he hates that look in her eyes, each day her determination for revenge just kept growing stronger.“ I can't wait to see the day you will be happy again. I
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 Even as Adam placed a bottle of water close to her, he could see trace of tears in her eyes, he didn't feel pity for her, what he felt that moment was curiosity, why would a strong woman who trampled on people even top politicians cry because of a child whose identity was unknown to her.Standing few inches away from her, he taught this was the right time to make a move when she is at her weakest moment, but then he was too scared to even come close to her. A young lady in her early thirties, brown hair and light skin suddenly rushed in, there was fear and panic in her eyes.“ Where is she?!!”She ask directing her question to no one in particular, Natash quickly wipe her tears as she stood up, showing out the usual bossy vibe.“ Who the hell are you?!"Natash ask both her hands clenching her waist.“ Ma'am.......am......am......my daughter......she....she”The young lady was trying to speak but cou
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 Adam had to report very early to Mrs. Cruz without being seen. She had requested his audience but despite his desperation for money and a better life, he still felt guilty. Natash was like a cube of onion to him, the more he peeled, the more he realized there are more shells to her.“ Good morning ma!"Adam greeted while summoned into the large office of the MAXIS COMPANY. Seated on the limited designer sofa is Mrs. Cruz wearing a green baggy pant skirt, at the top she wore a yellow backless top which revealed her cleavage and few parts of her tummy.Wearing a back pin heels, her makeup were dark and shady and yet few lines were still clearly seen on her face which clearly revealed her age. Her legs were crossed while she held a cigarette, it was too early to be smoking, Adam thought to himself as he stood far away from her, his head bowed low.“ Adam right?”“Yes ma'am!”He answered curtly.“ I
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Coming back to the table with a full tray, she place a plate of chicken soup to Natash and a plate of fish balls to Adam and a few bottles of drinks.“ No ma! Take the drinks away, am still at work!”Natash quickly reminded cause the last thing she needed was getting drunk in front of her driver.“ Relax! It doesn't contain alcohol and please it not ma! Just call me Mammy!”A smile plastered on her face as she spoke.“ Sure. Thanks mammy!”Without a care in the world, she began to gorge on the plate of soup and within few seconds, Everything In the plate were down her stomach. As if mammy who was watching from afar understood, she walks in with another plate without it being requested.“ Mammy! I never asked for another one!”Natash who was almost feeling shy spoke, Adam barely had two bites. There was this satisfaction he felt while watching her being so simple and carefree. Food was defin
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