Leah live in the underground

back in the city. However, she is planning to talk with Brown.

Late morning, the sunlight is extremely hot. Therefore, Leah brings her jacket; to go to the seashore. Here, she is waiting to Brown. However, the guy does come to this seashore. So, she makes up her mind; to approach him in the pad.

In the apartment, Brown and his father had already left recently. Here, there are few times renters who are still staying. After a few minutes, Leah arrives here.

Leah has asked to the landlord of this house about Brown. In response, the landlord lets the cat out of the bag on her; the two persons have left already. To this information, Leah is not having a whale of time. So, she goes back to her apartment.

Inside the apartment, Leah calls over the phone to her sweetheart. However, the guy does not accept his call. On the other way, she chats him in themessenger.

.” You had left me like a non-living thing. You know, I got really hot under the collar o

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