The Stunning Woman

The Stunning Woman

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Robert and Steven are both friends. Everyday, they will barrel of laugh to play their game and guitar. Some of the people would consider them; they are both brothers. In the Remark town, there is a new visitor from the other town known as her contemporary name Leah: kind, prepossessing woman, ambitious, and sophisticated as well. Currently, she is staying to her cousin known as her name Menchie. This woman is bashful except to her cousin. In the evening, Steven did not go to Robert’s house due to his new plan; to court Menchie, Leah’s cousin so that he can stay closely with Leah. However, Menchie did not give the nod to her heart because she prefers Steven rather than him. Steven keeps a weather eye on the changing behavior of Robert. One night, Steven sees his cousin who is staying closely with Leah. To that, he thinks to his cousin has bitten on the side on him. Since Robert knows already his knock on the wood to court Leah.

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Ariel Novel Writes
nice book, I like it
2022-07-19 00:11:07
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Mariane Cabasag
What a splendid novel.
2021-07-30 16:55:08
35 Chapters
Leah's birthday
 Wonderful morning, Leah is going to the ground; to be exposed by the sun. Unknowingly, Robert has passed the pathway in fore of Leah. This time, Robert looks at her captivatingly. He feels the punch to approach her but he feels shy, since they are not getting acquainted more yet.Everyday, Robert wants to visit this certain place to see her. Sometimes, he got down in the dumps to his life, when he cannot view Leah’s beauty. All of the day, he keeps on pipe the dream to see her who looks like an angel to his eyes.This time, Greg is going to his job. He wants to bring his son, but he is always head a spinning. Upon arriving to the office, Greg is bringing the home down to see his ex-wife known her name: Aleah. There, this woman shows her professionalism to her ex-husband. Every time, she will flirt to the other men. Unintentionally, Greg is getting green with envy to her.On the other hand, Steven visits to Menchie’s house however,  
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Upon arriving to the town, Leah is shaken up to the condition of her father. Since her mother has been passed away 10 years ago. This time, Leah does not have sufficient money to buy medicine for her father. This splendid night, she makes up her mind to work as prostitute girl. She takes her a nap in the day.In the evening, Leah is going to the city. Beside the hotel, there are a lot of men who have flirted her. Andro, the well-to do man has physically attracted to her. Less than no time, he brings Leah to the hotel; to take their pleasure. In the night, they have cornet the market to take their sexual activity. Even if the work of Leah is prostitute but Andro is still take his hat off to her beauty. Indeed, he has promised to marry her. But Leah is still undecided for it. Before they will be going home. Andro gives her 500 pounds  thus, Leah is believing to bring her father in the hospital.Upon arriving to their house, Leah is awful as she has seen her father w
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Greg is totally despaired
 In the Remak land, Leah did not go to her cousin’s house. But she has rented an apartment beside Steven’s house. Everyday, they would see each other. But Steven did not give any attention to Leah after he had known the news about her, whereas Leah has kicked teeth in the teeth to talk with him. In the town, there are many guys who have physically attracted her. As Steven has heard a feedback from the single men. He is unintentionally feeling green with envy to them.One night, Leah would celebrate her birthday party. She is trying to invite Steven fortunately, he has given the nod to  her invitation. Moreover, she is highly requested Menchie to attend her special event. Fortunately, she has made up her mind to attend the celebration, since he does know Steven’s involvement  to the said party. Upon arriving, Leah is trilled to bits to her presence. There, they have hug to each of other, since they have misunderstood  when Leah had
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Confusion time
 Everyday, Greg is down in the dumps to his life. He is kicking himself why he has resigned his previous job to the company. Often he would not take his meals. He has preferred himself to end his life rather than exist in the world. As Steven has kept an eye out to  the mood of his father. He gives light a fire under him to keep on fighting the trials.In the morning, Leah is waiting Steven under the tree where they can talk to each other. There, Leah is requesting Steven for their adventure to the other town. Steven disagrees her; he wants to see her family rather than to take their adventure. In response, Leah tells him seriously,  her father and mother have been passed away. To that, Steven won’t believe her statement. He wants to see the image before he will put it to his brain. In the front of her, Steven bravely tells her; he has heard a lot from his cousin; Leah is prostitute woman. He further tells her; she had already a husband to her hom
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Steven is blindly marrying to Leah
 In the evening, Robert is visiting his sweetheart in the house; to arrange the necessary things for their wedding. Upon arriving, Leah has entertained him well. There, they have back to the square one for their nuptial. While they are talking, Leah is having buddle of nerves for something. Robert clarifies something from her. But Leah did not answer it. Out of the blue, Steven has arrived with bringing roses and other expensive materials for their incoming wedding. To his presence, Leah has thrown her confusion of what must she would do. Robert asks Leah about the presence of Steven.  In response, she lets the cat out of the bag about him. Thus, Robert got fit to the tied to Leah. He did not stay longer while he can control his madness on her. In the apartment, Steven has clarified everything from her. To his confusion, Leah has explicated everything. First and foremost, she has asked an apology to him. And then, he has let him to make up his mind abo
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Leah stays to Robert's pad
Everyday,  Leah is very freaking out for the incoming wedding ceremony. In the apartment, she as well as her kid at this time. So, they can talk to each other. Since Joshua is still young. But Joshua keeps on beating the drum on her. Sometimes, Leah would kick herself of what she had been done to her past before. On the side, she has crossed her mind,“ everything that she has been done consider as great. Since, she had used the money for his father wellness before,”On the other hand, Menchie is knocking on the wood to visit her cousin yet, she feels green with envy on her. Sometimes, she would cross her mind; Leah is not her cousin. Since, she would always opposed to her pipe dream in life. In spite of it, she is still happy as a clam since, no one gets a hot and water to her life. A few minutes after, someone is knocking the door. To that, she shakes like a leaf since it’s already 11:00 in the evening. To verify it, she has seen in the window. Fortuna
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Leah is being recognized as prostitute
This day, Robert did not forsake his wife, or to leave her in the apartment. What he is currently crossing to his mind; to talk this chill the wind; to solve this current problem if not, maybe he will need to find his down in the road. Now, he knocks on the wood to go to her room again yet, he is making his blood run.On the other hand, Steven is going to Joff company for his initial interview. Upon arriving, Kelly, the company manager has interviewed him. Now, Kelly tells him; to wait in the outside while she will attend a conference.In the outside, Steven is not freaking out  to the silver bullet for  the interview. Since, the company has called him for this position. Less than no time,  Menchie is calling him over the phone unfortunately, Steven does not answer her call. Upon believing to one's his own eyes; Menchie is still hooking up with his cousin. Now, he feels the punch to block her yet, he feels a still small voice, since his the chill wind is
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Andro confronts Leah
In the town, there are a lot of men who have known to the background of Leah. To her, some women pipe dream to meet this woman. In fact, some of the family have quite broken due to her. Nevertheless, they cannot meet her in the day. Since she has a lot of house where she can stay shortly.Early in the morning, Leah has slipped her back of what she had experienced yesterday. Now, she gives the nod to her behavior and personal background. To this, she has crossed her mind to find another profession. However, she does not have a high educational background. To her situation, she has crossed her mind that she is out of mind; to find a money using her hands. To these, she has done the brick to stop it.  However, she is just having a difficulty to prevent it.One day, Carlo ( the mayor) has approached her. This time, he lets the cat out of the bag to her; he has advice her; to go back to her hometown due to the plenty of complains which  he has received everyday fr
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Steven got sick
In the company, Steven really likes his environment. Aside from he has met a lot of friends. Also, he has lighted a fire under due to the high compensation in the company. To that, he can back to the square one to earn money. As of now, he is walking in the air; to cross his mind that he will make his own business soon.Kenny, the prepossessing woman knocks on the wood to leave this company. Since, she is staying longer to this company. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities where she could still apply a job. However, she does not pipe dream to leave her secret admirer. After a few minutes, Steven is calling her over the phone. Fortunately, she answers the call less than no time. Now, Steven spills the beans to her; he will absent tomorrow. He still knocks on the wood to take his rest. To that, Kenny does not give light a fire under to herself. Despite that, she is still looking for another man who will be her crush as soon as possible.In the apartment, Steven has
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Andro abducts Leah
 The doctor lets the cat out of the bag to Marta; her son may now go home. To that, she is thrilled to bits about it. Less than no time, they are going home gladly.Upon arriving to their house, Andro is always down in the dumps to his life. As his mother has kept an eye out on him. Less than no time, she has directly asked him. In response, Andro knocks on the wood to marry to his ex-lover. To that, his mother is getting hot under the collar to her son. Since, she has already known to the background of Leah. What she has spilled the beans to her son; she has piped dream to find a woman who is responsible to her son. In contradict, her son won’t like to follow the decision of her mother. Thus, they keep on being that as it may to each other. To end this, the mother has stayed away from her son.In the evening, Marta comes to the room to her son. Now, she lets the cat out of the bag to him about her plan. To that, Andro is having a whale of time to he
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