Everyday, Steven is always freaking out to report his work in the company. Here, he could not complete his day without the presence of Raquel. After a few hours, the manager really needs his presence to be in the office. Less than no time, he is going to the office.

Here, Raquel tells him,

I would not report on next week. So, I would let you to take in-charge to this company. Moving forward, I would let to stay in my office.

Michael replies,

I don’t really know my duties and responsibilities because I am still new to this company even if, I had already an experienced before. However, I am not confident enough to take this.

Raquel replies,

You could handle my duties and responsibilities here.

In the afternoon, Michel is beating the drum that the manager and Steven are closed from each other. Moving forward, she hears that the manager will not be around on the next week. So, she has crossed her mind that the manager

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