Unknown Number


is plead was apparent.


Cana, please. 


Two words that had two problems. 


ne was the fact that he called me by my name. He never calls me by my name, it was always Vandia this, Vandia that. 


Two, he said please. He was pleading, something I never thought a Beta would do. 


I knew that they were human as well, but I never have seen anyone from Beta plead all my life, he was the first. I have always thought that they would rather die than ask for any sort of help. 


I turned around and looked him straight in the eyes. 


Those eyes are probably the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His stare burned right into me, he did not want me to exit that door and he was doing all he could to stop me. Using his will power to make me turn and come back. The fact that I was facing him made him triumphant. 


"For a future doctor, you don't seem to quite understand the situation you are in. Why won't you
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