Scion University

Scion University

By:  Ukiyoto Publishing  Completed
Language: English
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41 Chapters
 In the house of the intelligent lies a book that holds all the secrets.In the house of the brave lies a sword that cuts all it touches.In the house of the kind lies a necklace with an exorbitant gem.In the house of the zealous lies a pen that never runs out of ink. If it were not for Scion University I would not be where I am right now.  I wouldn't be a renowned Engineer.I wouldn't have all my riches and fortunes.And most importantly, I wouldn't be locked up in a basement waiting for my death. I was in the middle of regretting ever having to attend Scion University when all the memories of the school came flashing back - Fights, Love, Secrets.A school that caters to the smartest and richest of students. Scion University is a school that has been around for almost a century. The greatest politicians, actors, billionaires, pop stars, geniuses have attended this school. No one knows about it because the records have always bee
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Cana Vandia
  My name is Athena Calleen Vandia and I am the President of the House of Iota.  It has been a few hours since the plane which was carrying the students of our houses landed on Scion Island. Instead of socializing with the rest, I decided to go straight to my room. The glass windows reflected my looks as I made my way through the hallways to my dorm room. I was wearing an off-shoulder dress in a shade of cream. Complementing this was my white heels and diamond necklace. My long wavy caramel hair was tied up in a neat bun which highlighted my collar bones. I was taller than the average girl so I could see better despite the crowd in the way. I took a closer look at my reflection.  I was a little tanned and at times I would have freckles spread across my nose and cheeks. My eyebrows were a little thick and my eyelashes were always luscious. My cheeks were a little chubby despite the fact that I was thin. My eyes are in the shade
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House Of The Brave
  He stood there with a huge mocking grin plastered across his face.  Jack Aceson Juarez, an asshole that belongs to the house of Beta.  He was wearing a white dress shirt and black slack, a little decent for someone who belongs in the house of Beta. His wavy black hair that normally covers his forehead was gelled back. He was leaning against the wall as he mocked me, but he still appeared so tall. His body was well built, he was a Basketball player after all.  He flashed another grin revealing his teeth a little, "President."  His dark blue eyes seemed to stare right through my soul. He was handsome, I will give him that, but his looks always annoyed me. His aura spelled conceited and cocky.I heard he, himself, got promoted in his house. He was now the President of the House of Beta.  House of Beta, the thought irks me. If I had to ranks the houses, that house would be the last in my list. &nb
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A Welcoming Fight
  "There is a welcoming party for the 3rd years at the Ballroom tonight, you in?"  It is the first official day for everyone which means that there were going to be two major things happening today. First would be the sorting of the first years and second, would be the welcoming party of the 3rd years.  The welcoming party for the third year is an annual event, a lot of second-year students look forward to it. This party is held to help the third years socialize with one another since classes would be mixed houses starting 3rd year. It also helps lessen the tension between the houses - if that is actually even possible.  "I'm not sure," I answered Anne. "I still have a few more things I have to do for tomorrow's initiation." Right, since today was the sorting of the first years, tomorrow was going to be their initiation.  Anne groaned at my reason, "But we already double checked everything."  S
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A Team For Two
  The initiation for the first years went on as planned, it was smooth.  As I had expected all the first years were very nervous about what we were going to make them do. Nothing but relief was seen on their faces when Tony announced that they had to make a ten-thousand-word essay on wisdom. They all went back to their own rooms after the task was announced, on the other hand, I decided to walk around the school with Tony.  The first years and the executive committee of the house of Zeta were at the courtyard, at the pool. The pool was filled with red beans. It still amazes me how they could fill such a huge pool with red beans. The first years were allowed to enter the pool in batches of five. The only time you can leave the pool is when you find a brown button.  "Such a tedious task," Tony smirked next to me. He was not the one looking for the button, but it looked as if he was. He truly was a lazy guy.  "Lazy bum,
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No Warm Up
 Green Day arrived in a flash.    I only had one event today which was volleyball, I was still the captain as far as I know of. My height has always given me a great advantage as the blocker, and I have been playing since I was in primary school too. It was a sport I have enjoyed and love.  I still had an hour left before the game begins so I roamed around the school, checking out the different activities that were happening simultaneously. I found Nathan giving out orders to the other committees of Green Day. He seemed a little stressed out, but he was still giving out the orders in a nice way.  "Cana," Tony called out. "Yeah?"  "They are calling out to the Volleyball players already."  Tony was wearing a blue jersey which had the letters IOTA printed boldly on it. There was a number 2 below it. His ruffly brown hair was pulled back by a headband. He looked like an athlete despite the fact tha
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A Private Talk
 Tony pushed Ace away.  It happened with a loud slam as Ace hits the headboard of the infirmary bed. Tony pulled me up from the bed and placed me behind him as he glared at Ace. Tony was ready to drive Ace up a wall, he was seething in anger. On the other hand, Ace let a small smile slip on his face.  Ace was still calm, he looked at Tony as if he was such a big joke. This got on Tony's nerves because I saw his fist bald up again, this time I was sure he was ready to punch Ace.  I held his arm.  "Don't, It's not worth it.""How is it not worth it? Why were you under that jerk?" Tony lashed out on me. I was shocked at how angry he was, I have never seen him this mad before.  I gulped before I could reply, "I'll explain everything later. Let us just go for now." Tony was standing his ground when I tried to pull him away, he was glaring at Ace with the intent to kill. I sighed before I
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Challenge Accepted
 Ace left me in a daze at the garden after Green Day.  It has been a week since then, but I still could not figure out if what he had said was a lie. It was bothering me a lot and I was not even the type to fret about such concerns.  I had not told anyone about it. I only had two people I trusted in Iota which was Tony and Anne. Telling them would not really help me out so I decided to keep it to myself. Thus, even if Ace meant what he said in a romantic way and he wanted things to get serious we both knew that being involved in a romantic relationship with someone from another house was against the rules. Our school had no rules and regulations when it comes to couples unless the two individuals come from different houses. There are a few stories on why this rule had started. Some were obviously made up, others were way too detailed but there was one which I actually believed, it was the most famous story on campus. It st
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 I slapped Jack Aceson Juarez. Only about a billion things were running through my mind when my hand met his face.  The slap was triggered by the thought that he was just toying me the whole time. When he told me he fell for me, when he ignored me for five months straight and even right now as he looked at me with nothing but amusement in his face.  Was my slap amusing to him too? Was I just a form of entertainment to him? "Tony's right, nothing good ever comes from Beta," I gave him a disappointed look and he gave me a stare that I could not read. "I came here to warn you because Tony is good in all forms of martial arts. I don't know if it was concern that made me do it, but right now I'm convinced that I no longer care so good luck, Juarez," and I left.  I was pretty sure he had something else to say but I did not stay long enough to find out. I just gave him a taste of his own medicine, leaving aft
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Unknown Number
His plead was apparent. Cana, please.  Two words that had two problems.  ne was the fact that he called me by my name. He never calls me by my name, it was always Vandia this, Vandia that.  Two, he said please. He was pleading, something I never thought a Beta would do.  I knew that they were human as well, but I never have seen anyone from Beta plead all my life, he was the first. I have always thought that they would rather die than ask for any sort of help.  I turned around and looked him straight in the eyes.  Those eyes are probably the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His stare burned right into me, he did not want me to exit that door and he was doing all he could to stop me. Using his will power to make me turn and come back. The fact that I was facing him made him triumphant.  "For a future doctor, you don't seem to quite understand the situation you are in. Why won't you
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