Sports Fest



he day before Sports Fest passed by in a hurry. 


Tony and I were down at the gym the whole day. He was such a strict mentor; I made a mental note never to make him train me again. 


Ace became very busy that day too, but he did not forget to message me good morning and goodnight.


Since I was in the gym all day, I was not able to see him. It was just one day but I felt like I have not seen him in a long time. 


I never really saw myself as someone clingy so the thought that I was missing him made me cringe a little. 


"Anne, you’re up," Tony was there to support me. 


The opening speech made by the School Principal had just ended and Sports Fest 2003 has officially begun. The category of Martial Arts was the first in the program. I was so thankful that Aikido and Taekwondo were not held at the same time which means that Tony was going to be here to coach me the whole time. 


I felt so pres
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