y lips went dry.




My mind went haywire. In just a second, thousands of thoughts ran through my head. We wanted to talk about the same topic, I was prepared for that topic, and yet here I was speechless. I could not even move.


"Vandia, I... I know it is too late to tell you my side of the story but before I do, tell me why, why you didn’t give me a chance?" Ace paused and gave me a bleak look which sent a pang of pain in my chest. I felt regret. I let the silence hang in the air for a few more seconds before finally responding.


"Ace, I was mad. Anger got the best of me. I was stuck in the thinking that you left me when I needed you the most, I hated you, I hated your guts," I halted to take in a breath.


"I needed you Ace, I wanted your assurance, I wanted your comfort but all I got was a coward, someone who wanted to back off, someone-"


"Accepting reality is an act of bravery," he stated.


"Your life was on the
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