Golden Epitath



ce looked like he just got through hell. 


His face was bloodied and bruised, his hair was all over his forehead, sweaty and sticky. He had a gun on his right hand and his left was bald in a fist. There was a gash on the top of his left eyebrow, dried blood stained it. 


His white shirt was dirtied, blood in some places, and shoe marks as well. There was a knife cut on his left chest, but it did not seem deep because the blood seeping through had already dried up as well. I could feel that his lower body was equally messed up, but his jeans had covered it well. 


"Ace," I said but it came out as a croak. 


He scanned me with concern but in a blink of an eye, it turned into a bloodshot glare. He scowled at Mr. Macklet who was staring at him in disbelief.


"I dare you to fucking kick her again," he aimed the gun straight at Mr. Macklet and his guards stood in front of him protectingly. 


"If you pull the
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