His Vow



he snow welcomed me on the day I was finally released.


My parents did not want to let me go until I was fully recovered so I had to stay for a total of two weeks in the hospital. They had wanted me to stay for one more week, but I had been calling my dad, complaining, so they decided to let me go. On top of that, they did not allow me to handle any sort of work, they postponed all my projects. 


Who wouldn't be mad in such a situation? 


I rolled down the car window and took a deep breath despite the cold. Chase was the one driving and Ace was at the shotgun seat, I had the back all to myself. 


"Put that down," Ace ordered. 


Both of them were so protective of me throughout the whole way, it was as if at any second, another gunner would come and shoot me, but I knew nothing like that would happen again. 


"You guys are so tense," I laughed at the two of them, leaving the car window open. 

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