Seeking Justice

"I said, 'Who are you?'"

Solan inquired once again. Due to the fact that she was with me, I could already see that she was being quite patient.

If it had been one of those days when she was on her own, I'm sure she'd already flipped this tavern upside down.

The scarred man laughed. He slapped his palm on the table in front of him as an aura flowed through his right hand.


Instantaneously, the table was shattered, and the food was all thrown to the floor.

There was silence throughout the tavern.

"Who is he? How come he is so haughty?" A confused diner muttered something in whispers.

"You're probably new here. His name is Ian Creek, and he is the leader of the Red Skull Mercenary band. Don't make any noise. He is a wicked individual. He doesn't need an excuse to murder people... " Someone seated next to him advised.

"What? In the town, how could a mercenary do such a thing? Wait... " The guest appeared to have realized something and stopped speaking.

The Red River village was a par
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