I saw it, something I never would have wanted to see.

A beast that I have seen in the games I have played. The epitome of strength, brutality and madness.


It made me come to the reality that the world I am in now is not Earth anymore. All this time I was still going easy with everything treating it as if I am in some game.

The wolflike beast that I saw earlier is being held in one of its arms as it uses the other to tear it in half. Just to remind you, the wolflike beast is at least 3 times larger than me, but it wasn't even worth comparing to that Orc.

I thought that Orcs were at least twice the size of a human but the one I am seeing right now is easily 5 times the size. that also makes me realize how gigantic this place is. Even though the Orc is almost 15m in height, it doesn't even reach half the length of this place from the ground to the ceiling.

Does this mean that there are monsters or beast that is larger than the Orc in front of me?

I remain still poking only part of my head enough for me to see the surroundings. Hoping that the Orc is too big for it to notice me. Strangely I was not scared, but I was thinking of how to get the dead beast's body on the ground.

I don't know why the Orc didn't eat it or are they not supposed to eat it?

I decided not to take any risk and pray that the Orc leaves soon so that I can take whatever remains of the beast.

[Stealth Skill learned]

What is this? You mean I can learn skills by doing certain actions?

That is good news for me. More skills, more chances I have to survive. I am still surprised that I am quickly adapting to life in my new body and world.

For now, I'll check what the new skill does while I wait for the Orc to leave.

[Stealth: Improves the ability of hiding and lessens the presence of the user]

Oh yes!

Perfect skill for someone like me...

Eventually, the Orc left somewhere far away at least I hope so.

Now, if I calculate it right the distance between me and the dead wolf beast is about 20 to 25m.

Not that long but I will need some time to drag the body near my hole since it is way larger than me.


I still can't get used to the smell and look of the dead beast at all. Will I even be able to eat it? I guess I'll try.

Stealthily I come out of my hole and approach the dead beast, using the rough terrain as hiding places.

I reached it.

I miscalculated.  The beast is not 3 times my size but about 5 times my size!

I don't have enough strength to even drag half of the beast. What do I do now? Think, think, think...

[Essence detected]

[Do you wish to absorb?]


[Absorbing Essence]

[4:59] [4:58] [4:57].....


It needs 5mins to absorb??? Damn it, if any other beast comes I'll be dead before I even reach my hiding place.



Is this the end for me right here?

HEY, YOU STUPID SYSTEM I thought you were going to lead me to supremacy. How am I supposed to do that now that I am going to become Orc food?


Of course! You can't even do anything! But no worries I am smart enough to outsmart some stupid Orcs.

I got a plan. The beast is big enough for me to hide me and if it doesn't work I have the ultimate skill!!


Please work!!

I hear it coming closer as the sound of the bones the Orc uses as clothing or armour gets louder.

I hide as it comes closer to the body of the dead beast it killed. Did it not eat it before because of some reason and is coming back now to take its meal? YOU stupid Orc! Don't you know that meat is best eaten fresh!!! OF course, you don't cause you stupid!

[Stealth has reached level 2]

NICE!! I need everything I can get.

The Orc is heading towards me or its meal that he forgot to take.

My heart is beating at a rate faster than any hands that have fapped. Above that, I am getting tired and hungry. It might seem effortless to lay down on the ground hiding but I haven't eaten anything in the last 24hrs.

I can feel it right above me. Its shadow looming over me as death stands before as it took a step and walks away...



[Play Dead has reached level 2]

OHH Mighty!

Stop. Let's not waste time and escape as soon as possible. We never know when it may come back again.

[Absorbtion complete]

[50 Essence Recieved]

[Do you wish to use the available Essence?]

Good timing! Let's see how this Essence works.

Never mind that I need to get some of this meat and head to my hole immediately. I use my claws, cut off whatever meat I can carry, and rush back to my hole before any more trouble arrives.


Finally, I can get some rest. I begin to widen the hole using claws so that I have enough space to keep the meat. Doing so I make the entrance small so that hopefully other monsters don't find me and I am safe while I am in here.

Finally, time to eat. I hope I don't throw up what I eat and even if I want to cook it I don't have any way of making fire and cooking meat in this place is just asking to be eaten instead.

Here goes!! chomp! chomp!...

[Consumed the flesh of Newborn Warg]

[Recieving knowledge on Warg]

[Warg - lesser-class beast type monster containing small traces of Myth Fenrir blood. The Warg is mostly bred by Orcs for hunting. Can advance to only one special evolution- The Blood Warg. Weakness - It loses half of his strength during the day]

I see! I can learn about the creatures as long as I consume their meat. That is useful for me as I am lacking knowledge but the eating part of it is risky.

It is not that bad actually maybe because I am literally a monster too. Now that I have solved my hunger I'll check out how the essence works.

Essence? Use Essence?

[Do you want to use the available Essence]


[Evolution requirement not met]

[Available upgrades]



So I can only upgrade two parts of my body. The skin and my claw. This is hard for me to choose I don't know whether I should upgrade my claws to have a higher chance to kill the monster or to upgrade my body for more survivability. I can know what most of the upgrade does just from their name except for the Curved claws and Suction skin.

[Curved claw: Makes the claw curved to help in climbing walls, to get more grip and impaling]

[Suction skin: Form suction cups on the skin to help stick to the surface of any solid and improve stealth]

Not what I had in mind but it's okay.

The number next to the upgrades must be their cost I think...hmm can I stack two skins at the same? One way to find out.

[Do you wish to upgrade to Suction skin and Light skin]

Nice!! It is possible!


UGHHHH!!! WHAT the hell is this pain?!

It never mentioned any pain or anything.



Haaaa.. it finally stopped.

[Light skin: Makes the body light and agile for faster movement while increasing hardness by a small amount]

[+5 DEF]

[Suction skin: Form suction cups on the skin to help stick to the surface of any solid and improve stealth]

[Stealth skill level + 1]

[Stealth skill has reached level 3/5]


The stealth skill is now showing its max level? or can it be advanced like in the games I played? I have already reached halfway on its level. Looking forward to maxing it out.

I want to check out the changes to my body but let's do that later.

I'm exhausted, time for some sleep. Covering up the hole I loosen my legs and place my body down to the earth.

When I wake up I'll try to hunt for my first prey!!!

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Florin Constantin Monenciu
interesting...very interesting
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Mattapos p kya itong binabasa ko
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I think you should go with poison claw

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