The moment the shell hit the floor, the baby dragon opened its eyes as it awakens from its slumber.

I could feel the pressure it emitted as if a giant weight has pressed down on me, all I could do was to remain as still as possible. My senses were telling me to go and run away as fast as I can. Maybe me being a lesser demon affected me. I hesitated whether I should just give up and run away but I wanted to try at least once, u never know until u try right?

However, it only looks at me once before it closed its eyes and resume what it was doing a moment ago.  I instantly had one thought, maybe the dragon is in some process of evolution and cannot move? I could be totally wrong and fuck myself up but I believe that it is true.

Before anything I want to see if analyze will show anything to me. that would be the safer and smarter thing to do.


[Epic rank - Newborn Falak dragon]

[Offspring of the Epic Rank Falak Dragon. Excels in speed and fast attacks. Also, have skills depending on the element of its mother. ????????????]

[Analyze(U) >Analyze(Unique EX)]

[Only system skills can progress to Unique Ex]

[More skill usage on higher-tier monsters will give more skill Experience]

Nice! Let us check out if anything else shows up on its status

[Epic rank - Newborn Falak dragon]

[Offspring of the Epic Rank Falak Dragon. Excels in speed and fast attacks. Also, have skills depending on the element of its mother. Element: Ice. Alignment: Light  Status: Evolving]

Damn! It really is evolving..then I have no choice but to kill it before it evolves if I can actually do any damage to it. I haven't thought of this before but is my attack strong enough to penetrate its hide? Most likely not but will have to try to find out.

I nervously climb down from the top of the crack on the egg as I slowly move closer and closer to the surface of the slimy liquid. I reached the base of the egg where the dragon is residing just a dozen meters away from me.

This liquid feels like slime but a little more solid than actual slimes. I wonder if I can see what it is.


[High-Grade Essence]

[A higher tier of essence that can be found on Epic and higher tier monster. Cannot be consumed by a lesser tier monster. 1% can be converted to normal essence using the system]

What is this shit now? 1%? How is that gonna make any difference? Aren't you the mighty supreme something system. why can't you even convert 100% of this lowly essence, no not even 100%, trash system can't convert even 50% of it???

[Host cannot carry more essence than 1% of High tier essence]

[Host will explode]

Ahem… ahem I was just joking.

Enough of my bullshit. There is nowhere to hide or escape unless I jump off the egg and fall down 30 to 40 m to my death. I might not die considering I have so much defence or I may be overestimating myself here.

This leaves me no choice but to attack the dragon straight on like some monster with no brains.

I'm willing to admit it. I was a little overconfident. With my evolution, I was feeling quite strong. Not that I could devour all in my path but that perhaps I could hold my own when faced when strong monsters.

I steel my resolve as I rushed straight towards the dragon and slash with my enhanced claws.


The dragon didn't even open its eyes. As my claws got stopped after scratching its skin.

I knew I was stupid but I really didn't think things through. How could I, a lesser demon hope to even hurt a monster that is way higher tier than me?

I regretted it. All I could hope was that the dragon would ignore my puny existence and let me leave peacefully.

But I will not leave at all. If this puny dragon thinks I will give up after trying once then he can never be so wrong!

I don't know how long the dragon will take in its evolution but I have to try one more time. And I hope the new skills I got after evolving will be of help.

Before that, I need to convert the high tier essence to normal essence.

I backed off from the dragon and went as far away from it.  I sit down right beside the wall of the egg while the dragon is in the centre.

System convert!

...convert the high essence to normal essence!


[3hrs remaining]

Oh shit... I am doomed if the dragon wakes up any time soon. I also cannot do anything while it is converting since I have to stay in contact with the essence.

While it is converting I should check out the skills I unlocked after evolution.

[Available Skills]

[Biokinesis(R): Manipulate the biology of other beings to cause internal damage. Contact is required.

Can be upgraded to Epic rank] -4000 essence

[Demonic possession(R): Can take control of other beings bodies. More chances when the target is in the effect of fear. Can only control lower-tier living beings and a higher tier corpse. Can be upgraded to Epic] –3000essence

[Dream walking(UC): Cause nightmare by entering the target's dream. More effective on lower-tier targets and less effective on higher tier targets than the host. Can be upgraded to Mystery]–

1500 essence

[Poison Generation(UC): User can generate, create, emit, or otherwise produce poison/poisonous substance. The host is not immune to its own poison. Can be upgraded to Epic]- 1000 essence

[Dark Element manipulation(Epic)- User can create, shape and manipulate the elements of a darker, detrimental nature; that which damages, destroys, and consumes anything/everything they come across, representing the hazardous destructive side of nature, which in turn ignores most of the limitations and weaknesses of the normal elements. In essence, this is about solely controlling the negative powers of nature itself. Can be upgraded to Myth. 10000 High tier essence]

[Amplify(R): The user's next attack will be amplified making it deal more damage. The lowest damage amplifier scale is 1.5 scaling to 3.0. Can be upgraded to Epic tier]- 1500 essence.



The list of skills seems to be endless. So this is what it meant to be many evolution paths. The skills I picked up before my next evolution will most likely affect the paths I can evolve to.

But damn the system sure knows how to tempt me into doing crazy stuff. Look at this dark element skill, it is calling me as if I was its lover. Ohhhhh Lalala Lalala. Cough! Ahem.

Calm down… Wheeewww. I cannot be blinded by temptation. And I already know it's impossible for me to get it because it requires high tier essence which I cannot get at the moment. Sigh maybe someday my love, someday I will come for you… wait for me.

Enough drama. I wonder how much essence I will get from 1% of high tier essence. I hope it's at least enough for me to buy two skills.

The ones I am aiming for are Amplify and Biokinesis. Even from reading the description, I can tell it could actually help me do some damage to this damn dragon.

[2hrs remaining]

Time really does go slowly when we want it to go fast.


Brightwing Empire

One of the three strongest empires in the Humanoid race. Consisting mostly of the human race which dominates the South region of the Giant continent.

It is an important day for which the Emperor will personally show himself to the public to attend a grand event.

The Summoning.

An event that happens once every 100 years, is the summoning of heroes that will protect the Empire from the Evil forces.

This is just a cover-up of what it actually is. The real reason for summoning is to get sacrificial lambs that will be provided with an endless resource to act as slaves for the Empire in the name of Heroes.

All the citizens, mercenaries, nobilities, from Counts to Dukes, every living being have arrived in the flourishing capital of power of the Empire, City of Light, to catch a glimpse of the heroes.

Some excited, some nervous and some angered.

The Emperor, Glan Brightwing sat on the mighty throne of the Empire as he looks at his subjects in an amicable way.

He then spoke in a rather calm voice.

" Let the Ritual begin!'

The four Archimage, pillars of the empire brought out their powers to public view as a large amount of magic force envelop a circular stone plate with magnificently carved markings.

All of them spoke in unison.


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