Chapter 6. Team up!


I wake up to my alarm, the thing blares it’s tune through my room and I hear Ben curse in the room next to me. Seems I woke him up too. I quickly turn it off and hop out of bed. Chucking on a shirt and shorts I yell “Bathroom is taken now!” and I storm out of my room, into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I hear Ben groan loudly. “You better be quick. I have to fucking pee.” He grunts and I turn on the shower. I pee while the water heats up and with a soft moan I step under the water. I always love the feel of the water running down my face and body, it relaxes my stiff muscles and always refreshes me in a way that borderlines to sensual. I try not to wet my hair too much and wash myself quickly. I turn off the water and dry myself. I chuck on my clothes and smear some toothpaste on my toothbrush.

“Bathrooms free!” I yell while brushing my teeth. Ben comes rushing past me and I chuckle as I hear his pleasurable

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