For bitter or worse

For bitter or worse

By:  Jaleesa Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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THIS BOOK IS BACK IN THE STABLE AT THE MOMENT. I WILL NOT BE WORKING ON THIS UNTIL MY OTHER STORY IS FINISHED. I am sorry for everyone who is invested in For Bitter Or Worse and promise to revisit the entire book when I start working on it again. Chased by horrific nightmares every full moon since turning eightteen and a wolf who tells her she will find out why when she finds her mate, Adriana is eager to go the annual European Wolf Games. She is sick of the secressy her wolf holds for her, tired of the sleepless nights. So when she's finally there and finds out some things about her heritage and she meets her mate, a powerful Alpha with backwards thinking and a deep hatred for witches and vampires. What will she do? Will she break free and find herself or will the Alpha get the best of her? **WARNING-This is a dark romance kind of novel attaining abuse, violence, death and all sorts of twisted things. If you don't like those kind of things this is not the novel for you.

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Stephanie Hill
So I’m guessing this is another book we never get to finish? So aggravating
2022-02-22 12:17:05
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The Chow Mom
Easy to read and I am very eager for when the next chapter releases!
2021-08-05 18:35:42
51 Chapters
Chapter 1. Nightmares at home
ADRIANAI wake up with a raging headache, sweat covering my body and a heart that is beating out of my chest. This shit happens every full moon, I have this nightmare about two women I don’t know, but I feel an odd familiar thing towards them. They both share the same emerald eyes my mom had. Maybe that’s why. I look over at my alarm-clock, but I already know the time before checking.The last three years, since I turned seventeen, I had this dream every month and I always wake up at 02.44.Why does this have to happen every single month? I think to myself and my wolf Alexis gives me an apologetic smile. She knows exactly why this happens every month but decided to keep that information to herself. “Just until the time is right, you know that.” She sighs and I push her to the back of my head. I don’t want to deal with her cryptic messages right now, I just want to be able to get back to sleep.I toss and turn for half an hour
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Chapter 2. Friends and kisses
ADRIANAThe afternoon goes by easily and around 8 PM I get over to the town square, we always meet up there before we take a run through the forest.The towns square is a bit plain, it has a few benches, cute colored bricks and a fountain in the middle. There are some stores situated around the place and two restaurants that also take up a little space on the square for their terrace.I spot Jenna seated on our favorite bench; I think she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her mom is Antillean and her father is Dutch, making her the perfect mixture of both worlds. She has chocolate colored skin, curly black hair that falls halfway down her shoulders, full lips like her mom and gray/blueish eyes like her father. Her frame is curvy but muscular, with her 5.2 ft she is a little bit smaller than I am.“Babe!” I call out. “Hey girl, how are ya?” She stands up and walks over. She pulls me in for a hug and I give her a peck on t
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Chapter 3. First impressions
ADRIANAWe have a relaxed flight and three hours later we land in Malaga, Spain. We pick up our luggage and make our way to the exit. The air is warm and dry, it is almost noon and already thirty degrees. I snatch a bowl of paella for me and Jenna from one of the food trucks alongside the airport. Alexis, my wolf, is happy to be out of the plane and have some food in her belly. She is excited about seeing the new surroundings and the new faces at the games.“So where is this gathering point supposed to be?” Ben quizzes and as if it were meant to be, as we walk around the corner, we find a bus with some other young weres hanging in front of it. I hear different languages at the same time and know that is where we are supposed to meet. “There it is, come on guys!” I say, pointing towards the bus. We walk over there and are greeted by an older woman. She is well is her fifties, has a soft face and a curvy body.“Hola, I am Margareta, y
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Chapter 4. Welcome to the pack!
ADRIANAI spend the rest of the afternoon with Jenna, Irina, Sergei and Anatoli, we stroll a bit through town and tell each other stories about home and life there. Sergei is a carpenter in their pack and Irina helps at the day-care, she truly is a kind-hearted girl. Jenna and Anatoli are pretty invested in themselves, I know my friend well enough to just let her do her thing. She likes to flirt and play a bit with whoever her victim is, woman or man there is no discrimination between those two genders. She is all for equal opportunities.A few minutes before half past five we get back at the square. The tables and benches are still in place, where the big tables used to stand there is now wooden stage set up. It’s decorated with white, green and golden ribbons and in the middle stands a microphone.I look around and see different food-stations lining up on the right side of the square, mouthwatering scents come drifting my way. Goddess I am hungry.
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Chapter 5. The letter
ADRIANAI hear a loud growl behind me and I quickly slide back in my place as I see it is the woman from stage. Us werewolves are always so possessive as it comes to our mates, with Alpha’s it’s even worse. I see her eyes flicker from their natural brown color to the gold of her wolf. I bow my head out of respect, not to upset her and her wolf. As soon as they lock eyes you can see the Mate-bond falling into place.I pull myself up and wink at the others to leave them alone for the evening and give them some privacy. My stomach growls vigorously and I head over to the food stations. I spot a station with different types of salads and tortillas. Everything looks so tasty, I almost start drooling. Anatoli walked with me to the stand and picks two different beef tortillas and waits for me to decide what I want to eat. I choose a chicken tortilla and a colorful looking salad. “Good choice, that looks damn tasty.” He speaks. “Where do you want
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Chapter 6. Team up!
ADRIANAI wake up to my alarm, the thing blares it’s tune through my room and I hear Ben curse in the room next to me. Seems I woke him up too. I quickly turn it off and hop out of bed. Chucking on a shirt and shorts I yell “Bathroom is taken now!” and I storm out of my room, into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I hear Ben groan loudly. “You better be quick. I have to fucking pee.” He grunts and I turn on the shower. I pee while the water heats up and with a soft moan I step under the water. I always love the feel of the water running down my face and body, it relaxes my stiff muscles and always refreshes me in a way that borderlines to sensual. I try not to wet my hair too much and wash myself quickly. I turn off the water and dry myself. I chuck on my clothes and smear some toothpaste on my toothbrush.“Bathrooms free!” I yell while brushing my teeth. Ben comes rushing past me and I chuckle as I hear his pleasurable
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Chapter 7. New friends
ADRIANANot long after Ximena takes to the stages again, asking everyone to be quiet. “Remember, all lost artefacts must be returned to these chests and no shifting! We will begin in five… four… three… two… one… GO!!!”Our team runs up the mountain and as soon we are surrounded by bushes, I call for the others. “Guys, wait we need to have a gameplan and work strategic here. Megara has the paper with all our artefacts on it. Who is really good at tracking?” I ask and James raises his hand. “I am, I come from a family of trackers.” He speaks. “Perfect, we will both do the tracking.” I tell him and he nods. “Now if we all hold on to one artefact the chances of it being stolen are a lot slimmer. The other two will act as security. I do not want to lose any of the artefacts, so better safe than sorry.” I say. Alexei and Joao offer to act as our security. Since they are the two lar
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Chapter 8. Teamwork and teamplay
ADRIANAI feel much more relaxed after Alexei’s statement, especially when Joao and Antoinette back it up, also offering their help. I learn they all have high ranking parents in their pack, Alexei is an Alpha’s son just as Alexis told me. Joao is already a Beta at his pack in Portugal and Antoinette is the daughter of pack commanders. Ditte, Megara and James are all from normal upbringing, just like me. That’s also the reason they were affected by the authority that oozed of me and Alexei, Joao and Antoinette not. “They will be once you learn to use our power properly.” Alexis chirps excited and I roll my eyes to my wolf. “Weirdo.” I grin at her and focus my attention back on my team.“Okay, now let’s find that new trail and get off this open field.” Alexei takes the lead and I let him. James and I start walking in circles around the pond and the others keep an eye on our surroundings.Minutes later Ja
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Chapter 9. Vanilla, leather and chocolate
ADRIANAWe head on, tracking the scent further into the forest on the mountain. I sense other teams are close by and we move quietly through the forest. The vanilla scent is now mixed with the scents of the wolves who have already been here and it is getting harder to track down the trail.I am leading my team further north and ask James to come up with me. “I can’t risk showing the other teams my eyes. You have to help me, keep an extra eye at whatever direction I tell you too.” I whisper to him and I can feel Alexis getting more and more antsy. She is pacing through my head yelling at me we need to go and to trust James with our mind link. “Can I trust you? Really trust you?” I whisper, so soft the others can’t hear and I search his eyes as he nods. Nothing but pure sincerity shining in them.I think about a link between me and him, see it forming in my mind and with a snap the teether is set in place. “I can mind link
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Chapter 10. Mysteries
ADRIANAI feel like returning back to earth again, my surroundings and senses coming back to me. Alexis whimpers, beat down by the sheer force of Alexei’s command and the loss of connection she endured with me.“Adriana, what the fuck? What happened!?” Alexei screams in my face, keeping a tight grip on my hands. “What, I… I don’t really know. I was fine one minute and then I smelled something, I just lost it.” I stammer, not really knowing what to make of what just happened.Alexei relaxes a bit, seems I look like myself again. “Okay, deep breaths. What happened? Begin at the beginning.” He says while pulling me up to my feet and guiding me back to the others. I tell him everything and he doesn’t really respond, just hums and nods at the right time. Like he is deep in thought.When we are almost at the statue he grabs my arm, stopping me in my tracks. “What do you know about your parents?&
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