Chapter 9. Vanilla, leather and chocolate


We head on, tracking the scent further into the forest on the mountain. I sense other teams are close by and we move quietly through the forest. The vanilla scent is now mixed with the scents of the wolves who have already been here and it is getting harder to track down the trail.

I am leading my team further north and ask James to come up with me. “I can’t risk showing the other teams my eyes. You have to help me, keep an extra eye at whatever direction I tell you too.” I whisper to him and I can feel Alexis getting more and more antsy. She is pacing through my head yelling at me we need to go and to trust James with our mind link. “Can I trust you? Really trust you?” I whisper, so soft the others can’t hear and I search his eyes as he nods. Nothing but pure sincerity shining in them.

I think about a link between me and him, see it forming in my mind and with a snap the teether is set in place. “I can mind link

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