Chapter 18. Waking up to a surprise


I wake up to an annoying beeping sound, it’s repetitive and crawls under my skin, pushing the sleep out of my body. Beep.. beep.. beep.. beep.. beep.. it just keeps ringing. I try to open my eyes, they’re sticky and a bit groggy. It’s still dark around me and I have to focus to make anything of my surroundings.

Two large windows on my left, a cabinet with a big chair in the corner, the door on my right side and a small cabinet with a cardiac monitor right next to my hospital bed. Wait, why am I not in my own bed?

Memories of what happened in the forest hit me like a tsunami. How I left Tarja up the rocky wall to wait for Anatoli. How I ventured into a part of the forest I hadn’t been before, how the birds stopped chirping and the temperature dropped as soon as that creepy fog came drifting in. The man in the fog, with that, Goddess help me, delicious scent and the sparks that ignited on Alexis her fur when he ran his fingers throu

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