Chapter 8


"Hey Tiger. What's the doing?" I said walking towards Hardin who was seated behind his huge desk typing furiously at his keyboard. He smacked his lips twice in my direction with his eyes still glued on the computer. This man never had a rest.

I walked behind his desk and began kneading his broad shoulders. He led out a very satisfied groan and leaned back to the seat, giving me much needed access. I kneaded and tapped them lightly with my fists.

"Are you done with your girl?" He asked in a very husky deep voice that I loved so much. Everything about Hardin always made me hard. He laughed, my cock twitched, he talked, it twitched. He flexed his muscles, my hands would itch to caress him. I just loved loving him.

"Our girl Tiger. And yes we are done. Louis is showing her around the company before she begins with her work. I told her that things arent pretty good so her first day is going to be hectic." I replied nibbling his earlobe and sucking it int
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Akela Bethea
I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to see what happens with them.
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Amulya Nandini
love it so far !
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Jessa Tenero Dequina
full story pls

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