Chapter 11


Perfect! Just the way Louis described her even before we'd see her. Faith McChrystal was the perfect change we needed in this company. Hardin and I were clueless on how we were going to try to coax Alexandre into staying with. It did not take Faith even a minute to figure out his weakness, inveigling him.

Then when she declined our allowance offer because she felt the need to save the company's funds? I was overawed. Even Hardin himself did not see it that way. 

We always thought women are money-starved monsters who'd do anything to have their wallets filled. But Faith proved us wrong. 

She proved us wrong in everything. Not to mention that she saved the deal on her first day. Her first day at work and she's saved the asses of her sorry bosses. 

There was no way we were going to be able to function without her. Especially after what she pulled. We were going to thrive. With her by our side, we were going to be unstoppable, our succes
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well.... yeeeeeeaaaah I guess :}
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I'm confuse here... are they both called as husband or.....

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