Chapter 12


"Clean up the dishes. I have something to do upstairs!" I instructed Jared who happily acquiesced. I got up from the table and left him to do his thing. I climbed the stirs expeditiously, taking two at the time. Anticipation burning me. 

Upon reaching our bedroom, I hurriedly yanked the shelf open, taking out Jay's favorite toys. The cuffs, nipple clamps and the vibrator. I carefully laid them on the bed and switched off the main lights, leaving the room dimly lit with only bedside table lamps. 

I pulled the single couch and placed it facing the bed, then sprawled cockily while waiting for Jared. I was going to give him the best night. I was in a good mood because Faith saved our asses and since I couldn't hug her, I was going to appreciate her through Jay's glorious body.

I heard hushed footsteps in the hallway just as I settled in and the door busted open. He halted by the doorway with his hand still on the handle.

I watched hi

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someone understood the assignment
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Penny Angeles-Tan
clavicle, sternum, peristaltic? What's with all the medical terms?

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