“Little Mama, I just…” Jay got into the living room hurriedly only to stop when he realized sleeping Baby Des in my arms.

It had been quite a year since the Brianne and Lloyd’s fiasco. The video where I hit the living soul out of her went viral and I was actually surprised by the positivity it got. That also put C&S on spotlight and man; it was at its booming phase, stocks kept on rising every second! As for me, I was a fully-fledged mother of two beautiful babies in the world and I was thankful to have my two precious husbands by my side!

Yes! Hardin Calu, Jared Scott-Calu and I were married. A month after the babies were born, the guys insisted on holding a small but cozy wedding ceremony where we exchanged our vows. It had been the Scotts and a few of our closest friends and it was really a beautiful wedding. As of now, I was Mrs. Faith Scott-Calu and I cherished every minute of it. One of the things I was gratified for was

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Meylin L
Love this book... Kudos to you Rare. Keep it up.
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Read this for the 2nd time as if it was my 1st. Love those 3
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I’m so happy that you loved it <3
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