His Comfort

Author Pov

Martin sighed heavily watching his son laying on the bed unconscious. He had no idea what Thea said to his poor boy that he ended up fainting. Not only that but also how much angry he was.

He made a mental note to break this fucking alliance with that fucker and his daughter. How much of an idiot he can be to think that spoilt brat and greedy man can do any good to his son.

"I warned you Martin now look what that greedy girl did to our son." Lilian whimpered out caressing her son's hair while tears were damping her cheeks.

"I-I am sorry Lily. I didn't know something like this will happen." Lilian sighed before walking towards her husband leaving a small peck on her son's forehead.

"Martin please let's just wait for some time. I am sure we will be able to find a better girl who wouldn't care about our son's money or his mental state. I am sure one day he will find someone who will love him genuinely."

Lilian said placing her hand on her husband's hand who sighed heavily before placing his head on her shoulder. He felt defeated.

He wanted a sophisticated. Rich and well mannered beautiful girl for his son but he indeed forgot that his son's current state will never let those rich ladies even look at him, giving a chance is a far thing.

"Who Lilian. Who can love him without being greedy and disgusted by his mental state? Who." Martin whispered sounding defeated making his wife pull him in her embrace.

They both stayed like that for some time while staring at their sleeping son. Finally sighing heavily they decided to go out.

Time Skip

"Aunty please give me a glass of water," Catelin exclaimed as soon as she reached the kitchen looking extremely tired. Lilian smiled before handing her a glass of water.

"What happened Cate. You're looking like you have been running from yesterday." She said chuckling a little.

"Don't ask. The full day, I had to handle that demanding psychiatrist. I don't know why it always happens to me. Why I always get strict teachers. Now I have to endure this guy for one whole year. By the way, where is Lucifer? Shouldn't he be awake till now?"

Catelin questioned looking at her Aunt with confusion written all over her face. The question made Lilian's smile fell and a glooming look overpowered her features worrying Catelin.

"Aunty is everything alright." She again questioned placing the glass on the counter before walking towards Lilian who looked like she will burst out in tears anytime.

"No Cate nothing is alright. Lucifer he --" She paused as tears started streaming down her eyes making Catelin even more worried.

Before she could ask her Aunt the reason for her tears they heard a commotion and a maid ran towards them with a panicked face.

"Mam Master has locked himself in the room. Even the master key is with him. We don't know what to do we even heard the crashing sound." Both Catelin and Lilian's eyes widened hearing her words and without another word they ran towards his room.

Martin was already standing there cooeing at his son trying to make him open his room. But nothing they only heard Lucifer's sobbing.

"Uncle let me." Martin nodded letting the girl come forward. She gently knocked at the door.

"Lucifer it's me your Catey. Open the door. Come on your worrying me." Within few seconds they heard him unlocking the door. They all let out huge sighs of relief that he's fine.

Slowly opening the door they all stepped in only to freeze again. "LUCIFER NO." Lilian wailed out trying to reach her son but he only shook his head stepping back.

"Don't come near or I will kill myself." Lucifer had a knife in his hand which he had placed on his wrist. Tears were falling from his eyes as well.

Martin pulled crying Lilian in his arms as tears blurred in his eyes as well. Catelin forgot breathing. Her eyes were wide and stuck on Lucifer who was crying like a child.

"Lucifer listen ---"

"NO. Don't try to manipulate me. I know very well. You will leave me one day. I know all this your doing just because you also care about my money and not me. You just like them." Catelin gasped at his words.

"Lucifer. My Lil prince how can you even think something like that. I will never leave you." Lucifer looked at her and she could see that her words were indeed working.

"I don't want your money. I don't want anything from you. I care for you. I do Lucifer. You matter to me so much. I can't even live a day without you Lucifer then how can you say something like this. You don't trust your Cate."

Lucifer's eyes widened as he heard her. He shook his head wiping his tears. "No Catey I do. But she that wicked woman she said you don't love me. You will leave me. You only care for my money. She said you regret meeting me."

He let out a few hick-ups while saying those words. This broke her heart. She knew that someone was coming to meet Lucifer but she never thought that someone can say those words to him. To a person whose already fighting with his mental health.

Martin clenched his jaw hearing his words. That fucking bitch said these to his son. He vowed to make them pay. At first, he only wanted to end the alliance but now he will do worst. How dare she say something like this to his son.

Catelin slowly started walking towards him halting Martin and Lilian breathing as they stared at her in anticipation.

"Listen to me Lucifer. I never regret meeting you. I never cared about your money. And my prince don't ever forget."  She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in her arms.



love you Lucifer."

The knife slid down from his hand dropping on the floor making everyone sigh in relief. He tightly wrapped his arms around her nestling his neck in her crook. This is what he was craving.

Her warmth. Her arms. Her scent. Everything about her gives him an unexplainable comfort. She's his comfort and it was obvious.

He kept on weeping against her neck while she kept on her caressing his back and closing her eyes. Seeing his condition she felt herself on the verge of death as well.

"I love you too Cate." She heard him murmuring still keeping his head in her crook which brought a small smile on her lips.

They both forgot their surrounding even the one's who shared a look smiling, seeing their son finding comfort in that particular girl which they never thought can handle him more than anyone. Only one thought came into their minds.

Maybe she's the one.


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