His Sanity

His Sanity

By:  TrashInLove  Completed
Language: English
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DARK ROMANCE Lucifer King used to be normal kid with cold personality but one incident in his life messed his sanity up and turned him into a childish abnormal man. Being 27 he behaves like 7 years old kid. But only he knows what's hidden behind those innocent hazel eyes of his. The dark reality of his abnormality only his sinister mind knows. Catelin an innocent young lady. She was adopted by Martin King at the age of 1 year. She had a normal life with beautiful personality. She always had a soft side for the son of her adopted father. She was the only woman who ever treated him like a human and cared for him without any greed in return. And sometimes people's one good act can turn into a choker for a life time that's happened to her. To repay her adopted parents she took a step to help that abnormal helpless kid but only if she knew. He isn't the one who needs help. It's her. Because once his sinister abnormality decided to make her his sanity then no one can save her from him. WARNING: GRAMMATICAL ERRORS MAYBE BE FOUND THERE AS ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE. IT'S A DARK BOOK AND MALE LEAD MIGHT COME OUT A LOT CREEPIER SO DEAL WITH IT.

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Bhawna Sharma
this is an amazing book I even recharge for the first time for this book..catelin's character is so strong and Lucifer! i love him so much
2023-11-28 01:29:25
user avatar
love this story
2023-07-19 18:01:20
default avatar
I liked the different storyline.
2023-07-13 22:05:17
user avatar
Drea Shnae
it's really interesting the more you read every chapters
2023-05-06 22:49:45
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Reyna Gillett-valles
Such a good book. Perfectly twisted with the just the right amount of love to balance it.
2023-04-13 05:47:07
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Sylvia Gibbs
I loved this book!!
2023-04-03 10:10:48
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Charmaine MamaXihluke Chauke
lobe the story
2022-10-01 23:34:03
user avatar
Santana Buragohain
one of the best book ever......
2022-07-25 19:02:42
user avatar
Devils Spawn
can u please bring ur other books in this platform
2022-04-28 03:09:06
user avatar
Satinder Gill
loved it ...
2022-04-22 22:22:37
user avatar
can you please write the sequel of your other story??
2021-12-17 10:04:00
38 Chapters
This is not the beginning of the story just a little glimpseAuthor Pov"Tell me what I want to hear doll." He whispered in her ear while pinning her on his bed.His weight had pushed her body deeper in the soft mattress while her slightly trembling body was stiff laid on the bed. His one arm was wrapped around her waist while the other was pressed against the mattress beside her body.His muscular yet heavy body had caged her not even letting her breathe properly."I-I am yours a-and --" Suddenly her wo
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The Beginning
Author PovStanding in the corner of the vast balcony a young girl smiled at the rapid drops of rain hitting the luxury floor of the balcony. The wind was howling while thunder was growling and she was enjoying every bit of it.She was always a big fan of rain. She loves getting wet in it. She loves how this rain can be a reason for your happiness as well as a protector of someone's secret sorrow.She extended her hand to touch the rain but instead pulled back letting out a small gasp as her small frame was embraced by a giant one. Her back got pressed against a hard chest making her startled at first.Then finally inhaling the same familiar scent she let out a sigh of relief. His head once again nestled in her crook making her forcefully remove his arms turning around."Lucifer. How many times I have to tell you to not hug me like this." She said in a scolding manner making the giant man pout in sadness."But Catey you know
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His Doll
Author PovLaying on his bed Lucifer stared at the picture in his hand with a small smirk playing on his lips. His thumb was caressing the picture while his eyes were stuck on it.His heart even because of her picture started accelerating. How much he wished to tell her the love he had stored in his heart for her for the past years.Sighing he brought the picture down to his lips leaving a small peck on it. "When will I be able to kiss you instead of this picture. My Lil doll."His sinister gaze was fixed on the picture while his mind was running thinking only about her. His doll. His love.His Sanity.A few years back when he lost his sanity because of that one incident. He had locked himself away from the world. He didn't want to let anyone in till a hand of comfort on its own extended towards him.It was Cateli
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His Comfort
Author PovMartin sighed heavily watching his son laying on the bed unconscious. He had no idea what Thea said to his poor boy that he ended up fainting. Not only that but also how much angry he was.He made a mental note to break this fucking alliance with that fucker and his daughter. How much of an idiot he can be to think that spoilt brat and greedy man can do any good to his son."I warned you Martin now look what that greedy girl did to our son." Lilian whimpered out caressing her son's hair while tears were damping her cheeks."I-I am sorry Lily. I didn't know something like this will happen." Lilian sighed before walking towards her husband leaving a small peck on her son's forehead.
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His Hope
Author Pov"So tell me my prince what you wanna eat." Catelin questioned pouting Lucifer whose eyes were puffy and face was busted because of all crying.After calming him down she made him sit on the bed in her embrace for God knows how long. After feeling his breathing relaxing she chuckled hearing his stomach growling in hunger. She knew he didn't eat anything for hours. It was dinner time so she decided to make him something.Pulling him in the kitchen ignoring his protest she made him sit on the stool before walking towards the stove and decided to make his favourite sandwich."Cate I just want to sleep." She shot him a glare which instantly shut him up pouting.
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Her Sacrifice
Catelin PovSometimes life gives you surprises that don’t make you happy but instead startle you to the extent that a terrifying scream couldn’t help but rip out of your heart.That’s what I felt. When I heard my uncle’s words. How. When. Why. Questions swirled in my mind like a heavy destructive wave of an ocean ready to destroy a sandcastle I made with my everything.How did he come up with this thought? Why did he think that I and Lucifer? And when did he even got the strength to accept a girl like me as his daughter in law. A girl who had been nothing but an obligation on them.Uncle raised me. He did everything for me to have a proper golden life. But my conscience never let me turn into a spoilt brat. His efforts to make me his princess were fruitful but to be his little princess I don’t need to waste his money like a river.I just wanted to engrave a deep affection of my name in his heart. He&rs
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Her Decision
Author PovLucifer smirked at the girl laying on his chest. He removed the strands of her hair from her cheek before caressing her flush flesh. Her beautiful soft skin made his smirk widened.He knew what his father asked her. When she left him on the bed. He had a nightmare the moment she left him. He was angry at her for leaving so he decided to scold her.He reached his father’s office and was about to barge in but stopped when he heard only one sentence from his father’s mouth.“Will you marry Lucifer.”His system froze and his feet got stuck on the spot. He was beyond shook. He always thought that he has to do other things to make his father agree on marrying Catelin. Or simply he has to force her to marry him.But his father left him baffled by almost begging the love of his life to accept him. Lucifer heard Catelin asking for some time and it didn’t surprise him he knew she had n
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His Victory
Author Pov"I don't want to marry Lucifer."This stopped Lucifer's breathing who were standing outside the door. He had some doubts but he never in his dreams thought that after what the doctor had told her she will still refuse the proposal.His hands balled up into tight fists. How dare she. How could she? She can't just push him aside. She's his. She can't do this. She has to be his.You have no other option King. Play your cards otherwise, your queen might end up escaping.He felt an electric shot in his head hearing the words ringing in his head. He breathed out shaking his head to get rid of the pain.Don't do this. Cate will never forgive you for this. His clenched fist hi
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Her Shock
Author Pov"Cate where are we going," Lucifer questioned the girl who was busy packing his bags. She smiled at him before zipping up the bag."Come here my Prince." Grabbing his big hands in her small ones she made him sit on the bed before taking a seat beside him."We are going a little far from this house. But don't worry we soon will come back." He pouted making her chuckle. He slowly laid down on the bed placing his head on her laps.She smiled caressing his hair hearing his next words. "When will we come back." He questioned."In few months. Don't worry I am coming with you. We will have so much fun there." She exclaimed making him smile a little.Soon he dozed off on her laps making her smile lovingly at his cute sleeping face. Grabbing his head gently from her laps she placed it on the bed before carefully sliding the cushion under
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His Truth
Author PovCatelin's breath got caught in her throat hearing the thumping of her own heart against her chest. The whole room turned into a cave of silence only sound was the shaky breaths she was taking.Soon the liar of her life decided to break the ice and left her rigid body. Her body wasn't responding to the chanting her mind was doing.She shook her head lightly trying to believe that all of this is just a mare dream. She's just dreaming and will wake up soon. This is just impossible.Lucifer slowly walked towards the portrait of her. Her frozen body stayed glued on the spot. While her stunned eyes followed his domineering body moving around the room.
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