Chapter 42

Death sucks.


That was how I felt as I sat in one of the wooden chairs, I'm not sure when people began to fill the empty seats. Mandy was by my side giving me words of assurance as I continued crying. They ask me how I'm doing, I was so calm and they were worried.

I was thankful she was here. She had been my backbone since last week my father died. With her by my side, I was able to get through the week without trying to do anything rash. When the priest stands by the casket with his Bible in his hands. As the priest, began to speak I'm consumed by the last moments.

I recalled some moments I spent with my father as a little girl

"Daddy" five-year-old me ran to my father

"Hey, my little princess," he said lifting me onto his lap

"Daddy, I met a new boy at school today. His name is Adrian"



"Tell me what happened with Adrian"

"He came to school for the first time and he was my sitting partner. He offered me some chocolates and I took them. They were really sweet"

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