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"Euli." I'm pressed up against his desk, his front to my back, and I can feel everything. "Yes" I answer breathlessly, he pulled my hair backward. "Do you think I care if anyone sees me ravishing your sinful body?" I try to wiggle out of his hold to no avail, he pulls me tighter to his front and I feel his hardness "Cons...tantine " I stutter There's a knock on the door and i quickly regain myself, push him backwards and arrange my scattered hair and he just smirks at me. Eulalia gets a well paying job at a very successful company but she doesn't know why she can't stop thinking about her boss and all the dirty things he could do to her. Constantine can't stop thinking about the little angel that works for him and beautiful her blue eyes are. He will stop at nothing until he makes sure that she is HIS. It started as a boss secretary relationship but turned into something more sinful. Will their love be strong enough to overcome any storm or will it crumble in the end?

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Great book
2021-08-21 18:51:40
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Seliat. James
You’ve got an amazing storyline. Can’t wait for more chapters.
2021-08-02 20:26:46
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Good book...️
2021-07-25 23:50:53
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"Euli." i'm pressed up against his desk, his front to my back and i can feel everything.   "Yes" i answer breathlessly, he pulled my hair backwards.    "Do you think i care if anyone sees me ravishing your sinful body?"   i try to wiggle out of his hold to no avail, he pulls me tighter to his front and i feel his hardness    "Cons...tantine " i stutter    There's a knock on the door and i quickly regain myself, push him backwards and arrange my scattered hair and he just smirks at me.     Eulalia gets a well paying job at a very successful company but she doesn't know why she can't stop thinking about her boss and all the dirty things he could do to her.   Constantine can't stop think
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Chapter 1
I screamed as i shut my computer for the fiftieth time, i have been searching for a job now for more than a month and it just seemed fruitless. My rent is going to expire in a few weeks and i really do not know what to do. I thought about how i'll be thrown out and i didn't have anywhere to go tears unconsciously slipped out from my eyes.    There was a knock on the door i opened it and my best friend strolled in like she owned the place.    "Eulalia , do not tell me that you've been on that computer since morning" she screamed at me    "What am i supposed to be doing?" i asked her rolling my eyes at her which did not go unnoticed.   "Do not roll your eyes at me young lady, go and take a shower and get dressed we are going clubbing today"
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Chapter 2
I toss and turn, thinking about how his piercing eyes were staring at me that night.   Why am I still thinking about him? It had been almost two weeks and my interview was the next morning. I'm supposed to be asleep now so I won't be late for my interview.   I remembered how he kissed me with so much control and how it felt so good, I kept thinking about him till i drifted off.    My alarm wakes me up from sleep at exactly 5:30am  and I begin to prepare for my interview. I pick a very nice and classy gown and set it on the bed with my matching underwear. I take my shower, get dressed and pick an apple from the kitchen on my way out.    I get to Rodriguez Enterprise at 6:50 am so i have about. I walk into the building and meet a lady at the reception. She was on a call so I had to wait for her to finis
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Chapter 3
I wake up and hurriedly prepare for my first day at work, I wear matching panties and a very hot dress. The plan is dress to kill.    And dress to kill is exactly what i did   I looked so hot, I grabbed my purse and walked  out of my house. I hailed a cab and gave the taxi driver directions to Rodriguez Enterprise. As i get down i look at the y'all building.    Break a leg, show them what good stuff you're made of I thought to myself.   I walk into the building and see the very beautiful and friendly receptionist.   "Hey, Good morning I'm Samantha but you can call me Sam. I didn't get to introduce myself the other day". She says smiling at me   "Morning, I'm Eulalia but you can call me Euli" I tell her 
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Chapter 4
Constantine's POV   What exactly happened in the elevator earlier why did I act like that, there's something about that girl that drove me crazy. I don't understand why i can't stop seeing her eyes or thinking about her. There's something about Eulalia that I couldn't get out of my head, I do not know whether it's her eyes the way it calls me or her smile.   My phone starts ringing and the caller ID  shows Larissa   Why is the crazy girl calling me again doesn't she understand that it was a one time thing.   "Why the fuck are you disturbing my phone" i yell at her   "Hey babyy, don't you miss me?" she asks in that annoying voice that irritates the hell out of me.   "Claire we had a one-night stand, it was nothing serious so stop calling to disturb me"  i say her na
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Chapter 5
I go to work early the next day and when i get to the office I start working on the files my boss  had given me the previous day.    As I working I get a call from M&G group saying that they will like to have a meeting with my boss by eleven , it seemed that the previous PA had been trying to book an appointment before now but they had been canceling, so I agreed for eleven because Constantine did not have any appointment by eleven.     I decide to call him to inform him since I didn't know when he'll be coming in to work today. The phone rang for a while before he finally picked up   "Hello good morning Sir, it's Eulalia i'm calling to inform you about your meeting scheduled for eleven with M&G group, they called this morning"    "I'll be t
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Chapter 6
The rest of the day in the office passed in a blur, I had loads of work and Constantine was constantly snapping at me at every slightest opportunity. I did not understand his sudden change in attitude. The meeting for 11am with M&G group had been cancelled for reason i had no idea off but they called, apologized and rescheduled for the next day at the same time. After work I went home, showered, dried my hair and laid on my bed ready to sleep.  I turned and tossed for a long time but I could not sleep, I could still feel Constantine's lips on my clit biting and sucking it I was so fucking horny. Mandy was not at home she was staying over at Peter's so I was the only one at home , I went under my bed and brought out Steve my vibrator. Since Constantine was not here to finish what he started i'll have to manage Steve I laid on my bed, spread my legs and got to work, I touched myself  and i don't remember how
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Chapter 7
It was late when I was done with all the work Constantine ordered me to finish before I went home, as I stepped out of my office Constantine also walked out of his office and we both had to enter the same elevator. The air was so tense throughout I had to pretend I was speaking to someone on the phone, when the elevator got to the ground floor we both stepped out. "Have a good night sir" I said walking away, i was walking to the bus top so I could catch a bus that will take me home. "Enter the car" I stopped and looked back and Constantine was on his phone."Sorry sir, I can go home on my own" I said forcing a smile "Enter the car now and that is not a request it's an order, do not let me repeat myself" his eyes had a look of warning. I entered the car and as the driver started driving away I moved far away from Constantine I sat very close to door with my he
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Chapter 8
The next morning I wake up and do a little morning workout and then I clean the house and lazy about for the rest of the day. By six pm I start preparing for the movie date with Jason, I wear a simple short gown and sandals as I'm applying lipgloss the doorbell rings. It must be Jason I apply my lipgloss and grab my purse and go out to meet Jason.   "You look so pretty" Jason compliments  "Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself"     He opens the door for me and drives us to the cinema, Jason pays for our tickets we grab our popcorn and a cold drink and enter to see the movie. During the movie Jason puts his hands around my shoulder and pulls me to his chest, I didn't complain because I was so cold I forgot to wear something that prevent cold . We watched 'Conjuring 3 the devil made me do it' it just came out and I really enjoyed it, I
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Chapter 9
Constantine's POV   I know that the way i'm treating Eulalia might be wrong but I do not know why my feelings heighten any time she's around me. I feel like Euli has so much control over me and I don't like it, I didn't get to where I'm today by letting a woman make me putty in her hands.   I stepped out of my office after a while to apologize to Euli for the way I dismissed her after we did a few nasty stuffs, I knocked twice on her office door and opened it but she wasn't there.    I came out of the elevator at the ground floor and I saw Euli and a young guy I was sure is working in my company, he had good features and I don't know but the thought of Eulalia having feelings for him, caused a tightening in my chest it just didn't feel good at all and I wasn't going to let that happen. I walked over to them.   "We have a meeting to attend now, get your
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