The best birthday gifts

After two days, paper work was ready and Violet 's car was delivered to her, she was happy and went for a ride with her husband. They went to her home to see her parents who were very happy that Eric bought a car for their daughter. Eric had more than one car but he wanted his wife to have her own car and enjoy driving a new car. By the time they came back, they were very tired and Eric slept right away. Violet bathed and went to the balcony to call Eunice.

Thank you so much my friend for helping me take care of my marriage, Eric has been spoiling me so much since Sunday. We talked about our little misunderstanding and we are fine now. If it wasn't because of you, I don't think I could have ever fixed things with him. The biggest surprise was that he bought me a new car.

"Wow, congratulations friend, you need to take me for a ride. What's the model of your car?" 

"Audi RS6 friend, I will take you for a ride." 

"Wow, I am happy for you my friend,

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