My husband uncle Tom

My husband uncle Tom

By:  Makananelo Mokete   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Will you marry me Eve?" Tom proposed to Evelyn as he knelt down with one knee and put a fancy diamond ring on her finger. The atmosphere here was so romantic. He booked a private room in a fancy restaurant to have a candle lit dinner and proposed to his girlfriend that he loved for over five years. Tom fell in love with Evelyn who was a high school student and waited for her until she finished University where she was studying a Nursing course

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Good book I really like the story and the twist is not so boring thanks author for your wonderful works hope more updates soon
2021-10-15 06:22:44
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Interesting book starting to read
2021-10-14 01:41:19
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Winnie Nyaboke
Nice book hope it won't be dragged like other books
2021-09-17 12:04:59
72 Chapters
Living with my cousin
Evelyn was the third child in the family of four children. She had two sisters and a brother. Their father was a miner while their mother was working at a restaurant. Both parents were working away from home. She was brilliant and always performed well at school. Her siblings were jealous of her. They didn't like her because she was always praised by their parents. Her home was in a small town outside the city. She was attending school at a local high school. Adam who was Evelyn 's uncle also had four children. The firstborn Eric didn't perform well at school. His parents decided to take him out of the city. Adam arranged with his sister Joyce who was Evelyn 's mother for Eric to stay at her home away from the city. Adam and his wife were both lawyers and earned great salaries. Again he was a shareholders in a large company. They were a rich family. The following year Eric moved to J town to stay with his cousins. He become close to Evelyn and taught her many things
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Fallen inlove
Evelyn was very beautiful and had a nice body. She was very sweet and humble. She was also among best students at school. Most guys as school admired her. She was not ready for a relationship and refused all of them. Eric was overprotective and did not allow her to date. He told her that the boys at school at not worth of her, she would meet a good guy at university in the future. She was a good singer and had a great voice. Most guys at school and church choirs wanted to sing solos with her. Lawrence went on a work related workshop abroad and left his house key with Tom so that Evelyn would clean his house and wash his clothes. Eric left Evelyn at Lawrence 's house as usual. Tom opened the door for her to clean and do the laundry. Evelyn' s heart began to beat rapidly as soon as she met Tom and she was very surprised because she had thus kind of reaction for the first time. Later they went to his house to prepare lunch. They chatted happyly while they were cooking and her heart bea
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Follow your heart
On their way home, Evelyn hesitately told Eric about Tom and his confession. Eric was shocked but to her surprise he was not angry like he used to be when she told him about the boys at school. He was very calm and asked her if she loved him. He found it to be an interesting topic and decided to park the car at the side of the road so that they have a good chat. She told him about her crush on him some years back and how her heart beat accelerated every time the meet. "Tom is a nice guy little sister, I would be happy to have him as my brother-in-law. I think you can give him the chance. If you date him, he is going to help me protect you. I believe that you are safe in his care more than any other guy. I am not making a decision for you Eve,you can follow your heart. I am just giving advice as a big brother who is loving and overprotective of his sister. You know I am very strict with boys around you but this one is an exception." he said. "I hear you but uncle Tom is my uncle. Ho
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Her first kiss
Evelyn prepared four dishes and a soup. She placed them on the table. Lawrence came back after changing into a pair of black pants and a white t-shirt. They were simple clothes of expensive brands. He was very elegant and classy. He was from a royal family and had a special temperament of a prince. He was very handsome and had big ears which made him more charming. Both him and Tom were very tall and charming. Women used to admire them everywhere they go. The three people sat at the table and ate lunch together. They praised the food and Tom felt so proud of his girlfriend. He was very happy with his choice. Lawrence reported this emergency work to Tom as they ate. Evelyn was listening to their complicated terminology and admired them. After eating Evelyn took the dishes to the kitchen to wash them. Lawrence and Tom sat on the sofa to watch soccer on TV. Lawrence 's phone rang and he went outside to answer. Tom also stood up and told him that he is going to help Evelyn with the dishe
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Cuddling on the sofa
Tom was not able to wait for the weekend to see Evelyn and was also afraid of asking Eric to send her over. He told Lawrence that it has been long since they last ate at Adam 's house. Lawrence was happy with the reminder and called Adam to tell him that they are coming to his house for dinner. Lizzy came home earlier and requested Evelyn to help her in the kitchen since they are having visitors.   Dinner was prepared and Adam sat in the living room with his children to watch TV. Tom and Lawrence drove to his house and brought a bottle of an expensive wine. They rang the door bell and Eric went to open the door for them. He was very happy to have them around. Adam too was very happy that they came. He enjoyed their company so much.   They happyly went to the kitchen to greet Lizzy and gave her the hug. Agnes and Evelyn were in the kitchen too so they got the hugs. Tom was very happy to see and hug his girlfriend. They talked and joked like t
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Rewarded with dinner
The door bell rang and the delivery man arrived with lunch. They went to the bathroom with Tom hugging her from behind and washed their hands. They placed the food on the table and begun to eat. Evelyn was a foodie, most of the food was eaten by her. He fed her from time to time. They kissed deeply and passionately from time to time and he was able to control himself. She stopped calling him uncle and the atmosphere around them became so romantic. They wished it lasted forever. Later Eric returned and Tom told him that he is taking them out for a special dinner for two reasons. The first one was to thank Eric for helping him and Evelyn to be together. Most brothers were jealous of their sisters but he gave them the chance. The second one was to thank Evelyn for agreeing to be his girlfriend. "I think you two will take care of each other. If you fail, your breakup is going to affect many people. I hope one day will invite me to your wedding. Evelyn is like a sister to me and I want wh
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Tom was guilty
The school was soon opening and it was the last weekend that Eric went to say goodbye to his girlfriend. He left Evelyn at Lawrence 's house, Lawrence was still at home. He was very happy to see them as usual and gave them the hugs. Eric quickly left and only Lawrence and Evelyn were left. Lawrence asked her about her  driving lessons, he had heard from Tom that she was doing great and got her license already.   Tom came to join them and he was too happy to see Evelyn and gave her a hug. He wanted to embrace her forever but he couldn't do that because they were not alone. The three of them sat together to watch TV and chatted for a while. After talking for a while Lawrence stood up went to the toilet. Tom took a bank card from his wallet and gave it to Evelyn. "Here is a bank card for you, it has no limit, you can use it anytime you need money or find something you like. I have heard about your home situation and I don't want you to suffer in my pre
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Evelyn was scolded
Tom stood up and left. Lawrence dialed Evelyn 's number and wanted to scold her. She was having dinner at home with her three cousins when she received the call. Her sister went to the university abroad to study Financial Accounting while her brother went to the boarding school. Their youngest sister was raised by Edith since she was six months old because their mother wanted to go to work. Evelyn and Eric were staying with Edwin who was Lawrence 's brother, he had just moved to a new school here. They were also staying with Ace who is Elsie 's first son. Elsie was the sister to Edith and Joyce. They also had two step-brothers, Adam and Albert who is Lawrence and Edwin 's father. Evelyn happyly answered the phone only to hear Lawrence scolding her on the other side. " I don't want to see you again in my house, you pretended to be visiting me while you came here for Tom. You are becoming promiscuous. I trusted both of you and I am very disappointed." He hung u
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Lawrence Apologised
Eric interrupted Ace and urged him to stop scolding Evelyn because of the assumptions. Ace was even more angry that Eric interrupted him. He lost his temper and threw tentrums. Edwin was staying with them for the first time and felt so out of place. He wondered if he would spend the whole year living with them. On the other hand, Ace was so gentle to him. He didn't know what to do or say. He regretted not staying at school. The school was not far so they walked to school. That evening Evelyn and Eric ate outside. Eric took Evelyn out to relieve her stress and also to avoid the embarrassment caused by Ace at home. Their action made Ace furious. He even called Evelyn 's sister and told her that he was staying with troublesome kids. Two days later Eric called Lawrence as he had promised Tom and Evelyn. He asked him why he scolded Evelyn and further explained the advantages of Tom and Evelyn being in love. Lawrence was calm and listened carefull
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Having quality time together
At dawn Tom woke up Evelyn with a passionate kiss. They kissed until they were both out of breath. He told her how much he loved her and looking forward to being with her forever. The first thing Evelyn checked when she woke up was to see if her clothes were intact. She trusted Tom but last 's night passion confused her. They kissed and promised each other many big things. Evelyn was happy to wake up next to Tom.Tom opened the drawer and took a gift box, Evelyn was very surprised. Last night when he came Evelyn was in the bathroom and he hid the gift box in her drawer. He bought her a very beautiful wrist watch. It was a customerized watch and it was a pair with his. He took it out of the box and put it on her wrist and kissed her again. Evelyn was very happy and thanked him. He gave her a hug and left to go back to his room. When he got back to his room, he texted Evelyn and told her he arrived safely without being caught.  They talked for a while. In the
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