Rewarded with dinner

The door bell rang and the delivery man arrived with lunch. They went to the bathroom with Tom hugging her from behind and washed their hands. They placed the food on the table and begun to eat. Evelyn was a foodie, most of the food was eaten by her. He fed her from time to time. They kissed deeply and passionately from time to time and he was able to control himself. She stopped calling him uncle and the atmosphere around them became so romantic. They wished it lasted forever.

Later Eric returned and Tom told him that he is taking them out for a special dinner for two reasons. The first one was to thank Eric for helping him and Evelyn to be together. Most brothers were jealous of their sisters but he gave them the chance. The second one was to thank Evelyn for agreeing to be his girlfriend.

"I think you two will take care of each other. If you fail, your breakup is going to affect many people. I hope one day will invite me to your wedding. Evelyn is like a sister to me and I want what is best for her. I feel at ease with her in your care and I hope you won't disappoint me. I don't want her to shed  even a single tear and I hope you will help me with that. "

" Actions speak louder that words, I can't say more but I will do more. "I am thankful to both of you. Can you please help us to keep this as a secret for now. I am still thinking about the good way to say it to Lawrence so that he won't consider it as a betrayal. I will tell him as soon as I have the courage to do so.

After their conversation with Tom called the fancy Chinese restaurant to have a private room for dinner. He also called Lawrence who was in his way home and told him they are eating outside. He joined them for dinner. Eric also called home and told his parents that they are eating outside.

They four of them arrived at the same time and walked to the private room. Tom gave them the menu and told them not to be polite with him. They ordered several dishes and soon the waiter came with the food. Tom gave Evelyn food from time to time and this surprised Lawrence. Tom noticed him and told him it's because Evelyn was the only girl around them and women needs to be spoiled. 

He further asked Evelyn if she knows how to drive. She never had any driving lessons. Her parents had a car and wanted her to driver but her sister and brother denied her the chance. Eric explained her situation to the Tom and Lawrence. They were both angry and Tom promised to organize the driving lessons for her. He explained to Lawrence that Evelyn has helped them mostly with the house chores so they needed to repay her kindness. Lawrence couldn't object and thought Tom was kind and thoughtful. 

"If Evelyn knows how to drive, we don't need to take her to the supermarket for groceries in the future. We can just give her the car and she goes on her own. I am taking you for driving lessons every afternoon starting from tomorrow Eve."

She was also very happy with her boyfriend 's arrangement. He was looking for the opportunity of being alone with her. After dinner Eric and Evelyn drove home. They told Adam and his wife about the driving arrangement for Evelyn. They both felt guilty for not teaching her yet she was staying with them for a longer time.

That week Evelyn went to the driving lessons with Tom and was doing great. They had a good time together and had time to know each even more. Every day Tom brought her snacks and they went for driving. Evelyn was happy and satisfied with everything. 

During the weekend Adam had a thanksgiving ceremony at his house. He invited many friends and relatives. Most of them were rich families who lived in the city. There were more beautiful and noble girls who took fancy at Tom. They become close to Lawrence so that Tom can see them. 

Lawrence too was tired of his friend being single for a long time and wanted to arrange a girlfriend for him. To his surprise Tom shifted away from him and became close to Eric over this weekend. Eric and Evelyn were close so Tom wanted to be close to his girlfriend. Evelyn was very happy because he was jealous of girls getting close to Tom.

People ate and drank a lot that night. Some girls wanted to take the advantage with alcohol and approached Tom. He didn't drink at all tonight and sat in his car with Eric and Evelyn.

They looked for him everywhere and they didn't find him. Adam 's villa was very big and it took them a long time to search for him. They went to Lawrence to ask about his whereabouts. He was also angry thinking that he went back. He called him and asked him about his whereabouts. Tom told him that he is with Evelyn and Eric in the car. They went there to confirm. 

"My friend are you going to be single forever? How can you sit here when there is plenty of beautiful girls her? You always see Eric and Evelyn, today you have to mingle and search for a girlfriend." 

"These are a good company for me, I don't need this crowd of people here r." 

Tom refused to go with him and he gave up about his friend having a girlfriend. 

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