Chapter 4.



Lunch is over and I have three more classes and then I can get the heck  out of this place. First up English Literature which is also taken by Ms. Hart, then Math by Mr Spencer and lastly physical education or Gym, whichever you'd prefer .. You would probably think I have a problem with PE but on the contrary, I am actually really good at It. Exercising and sports in general is actually something I like doing but we will get there later..

First up, English literature.. 

English class is taken by Ms. Hart, a woman probably in her late 30s. If I'm being honest though, she looks a lot older than that but I'm sure she is not. She just dresses in the same old clothes all the time. But other than that she is a really nice person. I like her. But then again I like all my Teachers. At least I can have conversations with them with out feeling awkward and out of place. It definitely feels a lot safer than talking to one of my classmate or somebody from my age group. 

I walk into the class and take my seat by the left corner. I know, you're probably thinking because I'm a nerd and socially awkward I should sit in front but nahh.. I'm a cool nerd, and besides sitting in front is how you attract bullys. So I'm good thank you very much.. English literature is one of the few classes I share with Kevin but he probably would not be in today because of football which I am actually thankful for because honestly, I don't think I'm in the right frame of mind to see him right now. It's almost football season and there are a lot of big games ahead plus recruiting will soon start so members of the football team have been given passes for a few classes for the mean time but that means they have to work extra hard to catch up on their missed classes.

There's not much people in the cla...  Oh wait, never mind.

The class starts filling up little by little and in less than five minutes it was filled with students which really bothers me even more because where have you guys been, honestly. 

And just as the bell rings, Ms. Hart comes in with the brightest smile I remember. She has not changed a bit. And I am also talking outfit wise..  

She has on her blue satin button up shirt that I am Pretty sure it is the last you will ever find on earth, and to go with it, her red and black poker dot skirt that is just an inch away from sweeping the floors of South Philly high. I am sure the janitors won't mind that. 

"Good afternoon class. Hope you had a splendid holiday."

I don't think she needed a response.. 

"We are going to kick the semester off with one of Reginald Roylds best works, Faceless".

 I smile but she receives groans from the rest of the class. I like Faceless by Reginald Royld and I have read it a couple of times so that a plus... 

I turn to bring out the book from my bag just as the door opens. It's Principal Martin. He Walks in with a smile on his face although for some reason, I feel like it is fake.

"Good morning seniors of South Philly high". I like the sound of that..


"I am sure you know who I am but just incase you don't know, I'm principal Martin and beside me is a new transfer student, and your new classmate Mister Cole Reese."

The whole class gasps even though I do not see a reason why as there is nobody beside principal Martin. 

He soon realises this and just as he is about to say something probably a cuss word, the door creaks opens and in walks a human?? 

He's pretty Good looking I must say.. Everybody has their eye on him, even me and that's really weird. 

"Thank you for that introduction Martin. So where do I sit", says the human 

Principal Martin looks like he would rather be anywhere else but here so he just excuses himself by saying to Ms. Hart

"he is in your hand now. Goodluck".. 

I take my eyes off the door and fix them on the new transfer student whose name I seem to have forgotten..

"Hi, I'm Ms. Melody Hart. Your English literature teacher. I'm also your form teacher and I would be more than happy to help you with whatever you need. Would you mind introducing yourself to the class".

The human replies " I'm sure everyone already knows me Ms. Fart and I don't need to know anybody because I don't intend on staying here for long. Introductions won't be necessary, thank you. Where do I sit"..

" Okay it's Hart and please, I insist on an introduction".

He pauses and looks like he wants to kill her or tell her words that would make her cry herself to sleep every night.. Okay I may have gone a bit too far with my description. 

"Fine, but I'll sit first, my legs are killing me"

Without saying another word, he just starts walking and if I did not know better I would say he was walking towards, Me??. Wait, hold on a minute. 

He suddenly stops in front of me and I can hear Ms Hart saying something but I can't quite decipher what as the only clear thing I can hear is the beating of my own heart.. And boy it is beating so fast. 

He makes eye contact with me and for some reason I can't seem to look away,

"Move" .

What? Who? Me? Please God.. 

Before I could say anything, the person behind me had changed seats and the new students was now sitting in his seat.. Did I mention he was right behind me. 

"Okay, now that that's done..  They refer to me as 'The DEVIL' ".

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