Written by Evelyn Mba


Sing for me, Lara. He growled.

 Huh? She blinked her eyes.

Sing for me. He said again and closed his eyes.

  She shrug and started the song.

She doesn't know what but being with him sometimes often breaks that crazy part in her.

She wasn't just  singing, she was putting someone to sleep. 

Making sure nightmares don't come.

She opened her eyes and found him, already asleep.

She covered him the duvet and moved to the couch.


It was midnight, Princess Lara tucked herself into her arms and covered the blanket.

Minutes later,  she heard someone crying real hard.

Who could that be? She wondered still on the couch.

  Then she heard it again, this time the voice was known. King Nicklaus.

She sprang up her feet, ran to the bed and held his hands.

    No, please. Mom, Dad... Please stop. They are dying. He whimpered.

Then it dawn to her. He's having a Nightmare.

  She shook him vigorously. Tears brimming down.

She yelled ontop of her voice.

  Stop, please Nicklaus just stop. She pleaded.

His body went calm, and he slept again in peace.

  She sighed and stood up only to find out that his hands griped hers so tight. Not letting go.

She looked at their entangled hands and smiled.

Maybe, she was meant to stay here.

Slowly, she curled herself up and slept next to him on the huge bed.

  Her head on his chest, she slept off...


Morning came, Beth had prepared food for the King. 

  She does this sometimes.

Walking to his chambers with her maids striding behind her.

She stood in front of his huge gold door, waiting for his command to come in.

She stood for minutes and no word came.

Is the King in? She asked Richard, the King's Personal Guard.

No. He replied.

Where is he? She pressed further.

  He slept in the Queen's room. He replied.

Her eyes widened, her fist clenched. She nearly breathed out fire.

She is a Princess, not a Queen. Don't you ever call her a Queen. She stated with rage.

She left for her room, anger fuming inside of her.

Why her? She wondered.

She has loved him for years now, how can he do this to her? She thought.

If he loves the Princess that much, then she must die. She said firmly

She was determined and she will do it...


It was noon, but King Nicklaus was still asleep.

 This was the first time he had slept peacefully for hours.

As the sun rays reflected in the room, Princess Lara slowly woke up.

  She stretched her arms and got up, only to be pressed back.

Then it became clear to her, she was ontop of him and his grip on her waist was so tight.

All her effort to get up was of no use, as he pressed her down to his body till there was no space left.

She gave up and slept back, not giving a thought about how she got ontop of him...


King Nicklaus slowly opened his eyes, only to find Lara pressed against his body.

Her head on his chest, he wondered how one lady posses the beauty of ten Goddess.

He looked at her face then her lips, slowly he bent down.

Her eyes flickered open, both eyes piercing. He leaned forward untill there was no space.

He claimed her lips.....

T. B. C

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