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Meet the craziest princess, Princess Lara. Forced by her parents. The King and Queen or Tules to marry the Cruel and Arrogant King. King Nicklaus. She made up her mind to make his life miserable. He would wish, he never met her Cruel and Arrogant King Nicklaus never accepts defeat. But what happens when he meets Crazy Princess Lara. Who's in for this Story!!

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Ivy Writes
Amazing nice. Thumps up writer.
2021-09-09 17:09:34
31 Chapters
 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©® It came, the day King Dacien dreaded the most.He knew King Nicklaus would wanted what he loves most. His daughter.The Royal table was set, King Nicklaus already seated in his seat waited for his request. The Princess.He was the most cruelest King in the whole clan. He was feared by all.Her Royal Highness. A guard said and bowed.King Nicklaus smirked knowing fully well he won, they couldn't say no to his request.He would have burned down the whole village. If they had said no to him.Hi Mom. Princess Lara said and gave her mom a peck.They day looks perfect, don't you think so Nicklaus. She said again.King Nicklaus's brow furrowed and he said nothing.Silence came filling the whole palace.   Knowing fully well that she was determined to make King Nicklaus miserable smirked at his reaction.The silence stretche
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 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©® I won't say it again Lara. He said piercing his eyes with hers.  The atmosphere changed, the silence stretched longer than usual.Princess Lara stood, her hands akimbo to know what he was going to do.  She wouldn't come here and get intimidated.He mumbled some words and looked up.You're still clothed Lara.Yes, and I don't get why I should strip. Lara almost yelled but keep calm.    Richard. He called.A guard came in, he looked rough but gentle too.  Take the Princess to my garden and make sure she trims my flowers there very well.What??What a game you're playing Nicklaus. She said and he looked up.You talk a lot Lara. He whispered and sighed...She walked out of his room, strolling behind Richard the guard.She wasn't going there to trim flowers but to see the garden he ta
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Chapter 3 -- RAGE
 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©®Lara walked into his room with the glass of wine. He was seated on his usual spot, writing and reading scrolls.Doesn't he get tired. She thought.Nicklaus, what's the Problem? She said and sat down next to him, dropping the glass of wine on the table.He didn't say a thing, he was used to it, being addressed as Nicklaus.They Royal Court will be meeting this evening, and they would love to meet their Queen. He groaned and looked up to see a smiling Lara.What is it? He asked and furrowed his brows.Aren't you tired, you've been writing and reading for hours now. She stated.Are you worried about me? He asked staring hard at her.  Nope. She replied.Drink this and get strength. She said and offered the drink.He groaned and took the wine.Did you poison this? He asked glaring hard at her.  Who knows. She replied with a shrug
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 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©®Sing for me, Lara. He growled. Huh? She blinked her eyes.Sing for me. He said again and closed his eyes.  She shrug and started the song.She doesn't know what but being with him sometimes often breaks that crazy part in her.She wasn't just  singing, she was putting someone to sleep. Making sure nightmares don't come.She opened her eyes and found him, already asleep.She covered him the duvet and moved to the couch.*****It was midnight, Princess Lara tucked herself into her arms and covered the blanket.Minutes later,  she heard someone crying real hard.Who could that be? She wondered still on the couch.  Then she heard it again, this time the voice was known. King Nicklaus.She sprang up her feet, ran to the bed and held his hands.    No, please. Mom, Dad... Please stop.
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Chapter 5-- LUST LOVE
 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©®He claimed her lips...Her eyes widened, she had never been kissed.But here she is been kissed by a man whose touch makes funny things to her inside.He pulled her closer and slowly he was ontop, kissing the life out of her.The kiss was fire, it was hot.She tried to breath but air wouldn't come.Slowly, she gave up and closed her eyes.Letting the kids go far, he stopped and stared at her. Never as he wanted someone like he wants her..What are you doing to me? He groaned and slammed his lips on hers again.Dancing and dropping wet kisses on her body.She didn't make a sound. It was weird for her because she wanted more, more of him.Moans escaped her lips as he nipped on her lower lip.She clamped her mouth shut, this feeling is not something she wants.But he wasn't done with her, his hands went down and pinched her a**. She g
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Wriitten  Evelyn Mba ©®©® PAINS MADE HIM CRUEL... Lara stretched out her hands happily, feeling the cool Breeze.  She has never been this happy. She smiled and walked around the village with Kali, her Personal maid.  Seems you're good mood today, your Highness. She said and smile. Yes, Kali. Am very happy. Princess Lara said.May I know why? She pressed further. Am just happy today Kali, there must not be a reason . She replied with a shrug.   You don't want to tell me. Huh! She pouted. You don't need to know, Kali. Lara chuckled.  Okay, should I guess. Am good at guessing your Highness. Kali said. Okay, go on. Lara said.There is a bench over there, let's sit down your Highness. Kali said and the both went to sit. So, am guessing you're happy because, the King slept in your Chamber yesterday. Kali said and Lara's cheek reddened. Ohh, Kali what's your P
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 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©®THE BEAUTY HE SAWThe masked festival? She asked and he nodded. Yes, the masked festival. He said and continued writing..How... Where. How did you see me? I was masked. She said.You unmasked. He said.No, I didn't. I remember clearly, I unmasked when I got to the water flow. She said again.Yes, I know. I followed you there. He said and paused.You... Followed me there? Why? She asked perturbed.  Because you....  FLASHBACKThe drums were heard, flutes played and the Kings of each clan walked in.King Nicklaus hated parties, festivals, anything that included music. He hated it after that night.But he had no choice, it was a tradition that all King's must be present.   He walked in and sat on his seat. The festival continued with more music and dancing.He got up and walked outside, he hated the
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 Written by Evelyn Mba©®©®WHAT HIS HEART YEARNED FORHe shook his head and groaned.   She doesn't know what she's saying.Nicklaus, say something. Lara pressed further. Say what?Anything. She said pouting and he chuckled.He chuckled.. He just chuckled. She almost yelled.You just chuckled? She said more like a statement.  So what, chuckling is a crime? He asked.No, never thought cold guy could chuckle. She said giggling.  Cold guy, Huh?? He said.Yeah, you're too cold. Warm up already. She said pouting again.Okay, I'll try. He said.You.... You'll try. She yelled stuttering.So? He asked.Nothing, am going to the village tommorow. Are you coming? She asked.No, I'll be busy. He said shaking his head.You'll be busy, please Nicklaus.        Don't you wanna feel the ev
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Chapter 9-- HIS PEACE
Written by Evelyn Mba ©®©® The weather remained bright, giving colors to the beautiful flowers that stood on the way. Making Lara smiled the more. What a day!! She walked and stopped, glancing at the man by her side.  His face masked with an unreadable expression, his two hands curled backward. He just walked along not making a sound. Kali, be careful there. Lara yelled as Kali ran and grabbed her hand. Princess, if you keep walking this way. Am afraid we won't make it to the waterfall. Kali said and dragged Lara's hand. Kali had forgotten, they weren't alone. The King was with them. Kali, look back. Lara whispered to her maid.  Oh my.. Kali gasped in dear, she forgot about the King. He was with them, all this time.He will surely punish her. Slowly, she let go of Lara's hand, watching as the King got closer to them. Why did we stop?Aren't we headed to the wa
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Chapter 10-- HE ISN'T READY
  Written by Evelyn Mba ©®©® HE ISN'T READY **Somewhere in another Kingdom** Call me Marcel. King Leon said rubbing his forehead. He has been working tirelessly, preparing for the war. You called for me, Your Majesty. Marcel said and bowed.  Marcel, how's the preparation? He asked. What preparation, Sire? Marcel asked.  For war with the Kingdom of Athopa? He asked again. It's... It's, uhm Your Majesty. They people are scared, they women are afraid to let their husband go to this war.  It's a death sentence, they said. Hmph, what should we do? King Leon asked.But Your Majesty. History and gossips has it that, it wasn't the Kingdom of Athopa who invaded us. It was other neighbouring village. Lies, it's all lies. King Leon rasped.  Those are rumors, it was the Kingdom of Athopa who did it. Our informant said so. He said again  But, Y
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