Chapter 24 -- KELAN

Written by Evelyn Mba 


The window creaked, making a lot of noise.

  The morning was calm.

This was another day.

A day filled with love and peace.

King Nicklaus slowly opened his eyes, looking at the woman before him.

  Her eyes closed, her hands wrapped around him.

And her head on his chest, he has never been this happy and smiling.

He pondered on the thought; when last did I laugh?

Yes, it was then when his parents were alive.

  On his birthday, they were really happy.

He'd remember vividly, that it was a cool evening.

Candles spread out like fireworks.

He's garden decorated.

He smiled at that thought.

He never thought, he could smile again untill she came along.

This woman has changed him, she has changed him.

  He sighed and looked at the clock on the wall.

They had slept here for two days now, not moving nor standing.

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