Chapter 20 Meet again

VANLUKE, after exactly twelve days, finally had a clear location of the love of his life. For the past week he denied himself proper self-care. He spent his days terrorizing every illegal business he deemed at the fault of Ara's disappearance.

Alyona never confessed where she had ordered her hitmen to take Ara. Despite spilling she did plan everything from helping Yulia get close to Tamara by letting him sneak in and out of the Kromatova manor. Vanluke kept her locked away in a place only few know. Because of this days of the war began in Ara's absence.

Vanluke declared war against the Vinogradov, spared no one at all. Death has fallen upon the main family, leaving Alyona with a promise to suffer alive she'd wish he should kill her instead. Death after death he made new enemies. He will not stop until his thirst for blood is quenched

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