Dear Ara

Dear Ara

By:  krumkrumb  Ongoing
Language: English
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A man of stature afters a commoner girl even if it meant eveything else. Vanluke Kromatova and Ara Palacio's dark romance begins.

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21 Chapters
Chapter 1: Foreign
"ERIKKA, I don't think I can do this."Erikka Villanueva, Ara's best friend in the whole world, gave her a narrowing look as she squeezed her arm tightly. "We are not going on about this again, Ara. We've been planning this for a long time and I will not have you back-out on me now."Ara bit her lip, as to show her doubt. "Erikka, I'm scared. I don't belong in this type of place," she said, gesturing to the glowing club name right above the entrance of a well-known nightclub from where they were standing. Bouncers were posted to watch the laughing group of teenagers next to them."No buts!" Erikka had already pulled her inside before she could even mutter even one word of refusal.Erikka had always been the carefree one between them. She loves partying, going out with fr
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Chapter 2: Attention
VANLUKE has spent his entire day recovering in a cheap motel. The girl left last night and he knows nothing about her besides being a veterinary practitioner. He never cared for any woman, much less for a girl. He brushes off memories of her and calls for his backup. He has more important matters to attend to.His men came to bring him back to his suite in a five star hotel less than an hour away from where the nightclub was. His cousin, Danil Kromatova was waiting for him to arrive."Vanluke! It's so nice to see you in one shape!" Danil greeted him with a manly handshake which he gladly took."Call the boss," Vanluke started. Serving himself a glass of beer from the mini bar. "Tell him the bastards ran away with the money.""Where were the goods?" What Danil was talking
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Chapter 3: Earn it
ARA can never be more stupefied in her entire life. Opening the door and being surprised with one familiar and one unfamiliar face. And it's the familiar face she's afraid of.Smiling and handsome, no doubt Russian, the unfamiliar faced one first spoke, "Hi! I'm Danil," he offered his hand for a shake.Her eyes didn't left Danil's smile. She turns her focus on the man she will never ever forget. His face is in pokerface mode. "What are you doing here? Why are you here?!" She squealed in whispers.Before either man can answer her father and mother are already at her back."Ara, sino sila?" her father asked in their own Filipino language.(Ara, who are they?)"Mga foreigner
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Chapter 4: Trap
"SHE just walked away? And you let her?" Danil couldn't believe what Vanluke was saying. They're on their way to a warehouse where the bastard contractor, his wife and his mistress are hiding like rats separating themselves from the crowded outside world."I did," Vanluke replied poker face."A girl head on rejected you still you're calm about it.""I figured she would reject me. I would've been so disappointed if she agreed out of fear.""What made you want her?" Danil is suspicious of his intentions."Dan, you were the one who told me she's the best fit criteria to be the new lady of Kromatova.""Well I did mention she's a good fit to be in the family. I didn't say marry her."
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Chapter 5: Care
ARA refused to sit anywhere. Vanluke can see her fidgeting. He smirked in his mind. Just like a commoner she does feel fear for her life. She knew she had to be strong despite the trap he did set for her. If he were not serious about getting her trust he would have already grabbed her. Taken her to his table. He will force himself inside her just for the sake of his physical desires. With the girl he’s been sexualizing in his mind in front of him like an open prey, his mind refuses to work. All he could think about is ‘when’ will he be able to feel her skin against his skin? How does she smell up close? Does she look just like how he perceives it when she’s at her limits? He can’t wait any longer. He must have her. Yet the feeling that gaining her trust is far more important than that. He must bear to wait. Although seeing how his reward is wrapped conservatively in clothes the more he hopes to unwrap it
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Chapter 6: An ally
ARA is not going to lie to herself. It's her fantasy to meet a brute man and make him humane. After meeting Vanluke, she doesn't know if she does want to anymore. It's scary being in the real situation. She'd never know when he'll treat her badly. She could end up losing her life. It's really lucky that she's still alive. Vanluke stared down at her. He knew she was telling a fact. He might or he will treat her badly if the time comes he's not fond of her anymore. He couldn't answer back. Because it's all the reason why he wants to get to know her better. To see it for himself if he's a hundred percent sure she's the one he will spend the rest of his life with. But… "You're right," he confessed. "Although I know for a fact that you're the first person I even thought of growing old with." It's embarrassing. Though, in order to g
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Chapter 7: Seduce
IT'S Ara's third day staying at Vanluke's mansion. Last night was half regretful and half… wondrous. Since the kiss Vanluke seems to be always smiling mischievously at her. Unlike the other days today he's never busy. He's practically doing nothing. They had breakfast as usual. Danil had already left so they were alone. After that he invited her to the open backyard pool to spend the day in leisure. Ara couldn't stand his glances and awfully handsome smile. "You look like you've got a good night's sleep," she wasn't hiding her sarcasm because she's really pissed right now. "What smile?" He denies with a big grin. His black polo shirt hugged the broadness of his torso. His wood color capri pants are screaming the deadly snake sleeping between his legs and she finds it hard not to notice. 
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Chapter 8: Right
"DANIL what the hell are you still doing here?" Vanluke hid no remorse for his cousin's comeback in the mansion. He thought he had left for good for Russia. Now he's joining the dinner table, flirting with Ara. The sour look on his face is clearly visible. He couldn't even touch his food knowing he could touch her so casually. "I'm staying for a few nights. It's about work so I hope you understand," Danil explained but not removing his eyes from Ara like she's the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He has her left hand imprisoned in his hands caressing it like a precious gem. "I don't," he firmly said. "Keep your hands off her," he strictfully warned Danil between gritted teeth. Any moment he will pounce at him to personally rip him away from the girl he likes. "Damn it, Vanluke. Since wh
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Chapter 9: Date
SOMETHING ticklish behind Ara's ear woke her up from her slumber. She's greeted by a handsome soft smile with a pretty white set of teeth. Grayish eyes peering down her morning face. Suddenly aware of her morning stars she covered her face. Her breath must have stunk too! "Why are you covering your face?" Vanluke asked grinning. Damn it, why does he look like a supermodel so early in the morning while she probably looks more like a zombie who just came out of a grave. "I look ugly." "I know." She glared at him. Did he need to be honest? "I'm taking a shower." "Do it later. Let's stay like this all day." He wrapped his arms around her like she's some bolster
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Chapter 10: My fear
FIVE years ago Ara had decided to love an opposite sex. She met him in college. She gave him herself thinking she found the person she can spend her life with. Everything was fine. Everything was smooth. They faced ups and downs of a relationship. The challenges they came through made her think she found the right man. But it was all in her head. She ignored the signs. Until she was confronted by the truth that hurted her inside badly. He had someone else. If she didn't find out about the other girl she would look not only stupid but an idiot. She loved him for real. And he broke her heart. Not wanting to discuss nor fix it she never spoke of him again. Guilty, he refused to show himself in front of her again. Five years later she saw him again. Not in normal circumstances. She was behind worn out wooden boxes listening, watching quietly of what's going on in a storage room near the mansion s
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