Empty houses, shut doors and tears soaked pillows.

Liam had never been that glad his mum was out of town for a business trip. Not caring about how much the Uber was going to charge him for ordering so late, he ordered a Uber from Trevor's place and was able to get home in about thirty minutes. 

On getting home, he locked the doors, turned off all the nights and headed to his room. Tears filled his eyes as he climbed his bed, pulling his duvets close to him. 

He was hurt. He was in so much pain he almost felt like his heart couldn't handle it. His biggest fear finally came true and he had no one but himself to blame. 

His phone vibrated in his pocket and he wiggled to take it out. It was a call from Steve. With even more tears rolling down his cheeks, he declined the call.

Steve obviously wasn't getting the message that Liam didn't want to talk to him as he kept on

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I'm glad you enjoyed it and yeah, they really are good friends. You'll definitely see more of them later *inserts wink emoji*
goodnovel comment avatar
Jasmine and Trevor are such good friends. I can’t believe this book is almost over.

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