O'Connell recalled all that just happened. It was music class, and it was his turn to sing. He had even worn his best outfit to school on that day, and had tried to aww the class, because his uncle and grandpa had pointed out that he had a very nice voice for singing. They had really complimented his outfit that morning, telling him how handsome he was. And he had believed them. Only to arrive at school, at get laughed at by his classmates. Worse, his voice was being mocked, and he was being thrown food, by these classmates. Something his teacher couldn't put to stop. Rather she let it all happened to him. Despite it was really wrong. And he wasn't supposed to be treated like that.

The world was cruel. O'Connell thought.

Because he had wanted to fit in, wanted to be liked by all. But he had made a big fool of himself, by assuming he was going to get praised for singing perfectly. Because he got laughed at. Insulted, pointed fingers and moc

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