O'Connell (Mending His Heart)

O'Connell (Mending His Heart)

By:  ekpikapere  Completed
Language: English
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O'Connell is an Irish Nigerian kid, who becomes aware of the fact that he's gay when he figures he's into Jeremy, a classmate of his. Being fat and quiet, he gets easily picked on and bullied at school. But there is a tad of happiness he has, because Jeremy, the Golden boy of the school, is nice to him. However, O'Connell gets rejected and mocked for being gay, by Jeremy who claims he is straight, after O'Connell's feelings for him were made obvious on a letter that he had crumpled into a ball. This triggers O'Connell who became dejected and broken, to leave. Also made him to realize that, the best revenge is self improvement. He returns some years later, with a Greek god kind of body, accompanied with a very big ego. Looking the exact opposite of the way he was, before. And discovers hidden secrets about his long time crush, Jeremy. And when he becomes certain that things are working in his favor, they take a sullen turn. He meets with new people, discovers more about gay love, gets heartbroken, and tries to mend his heart. ***A coming of age story***

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44 Chapters
"I can see you studied English at National University of Ireland, Galway." The man said, with his eyes swaying sideways as they accessed the CV he was holding up to his face.Beaming widely, O'Connell nodded. "Yes, I just came back a month ago." He provided."Why didn't you stay and look for a better job there? Here in Drogheda, reporters don't earn that much. And it's quite risky out there." The man raised his head up, just to cast him a frown.O'Connell narrowed his eyes at him, with his smile completely gone. "I have my reasons why I came back. So there's no point to make a fuss about this." He squeezed the arms of the peeling chair, that he was sitted on."What?" The man's jaw dropped in shock. He couldn't remember the last time someone talked to him like that."Sorry? Did I say anything mean to upset you?" O'Connell inquired, his gaze innocent. He knew he could be bad mannered sometimes, but couldn't help it.So he made the decision to be
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"Take him away, he's bloody lying!" The woman suddenly shouted, almost leaping.And then, they carried on pulling him away. Pain shot through O'Connell, causing goosebumps to rise on his every single pore. Because he was being humiliated and embarrassed again. All he went there for, was for a job. But then, he was being misquoted and humiliated, because of his looks. Worst, the witchy white devil of a woman, wasn't helping matters at all.She just saw him, took one look at him, and decided she didn't like him. He knew. But he wanted them to give him a chance to see her boss. "What's going on in here!?" Someone yelled. Putting everything to halt. Even the hefty body guards. One had the door opened, while the other was holding O'Connell like a toy.And the voice, belong to a man.He looked quite old, with greying hair. And had a giant scowl on his face like the 'Grinch'He took slowly and steadily footsteps,
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O'Connell watched him, as he stared into the air thoughtfully. He knew alot of things were going on in the man's mind. Maybe he was contemplating on not hiring him. Perhaps, if he didn't, he would leave. There were other places he could get a job.Mr Derrick lowered himself to his sit, then returned his eyes back to O'Connell."So, you're from here?"O'Connell swallowed, then gave him a firm nod. "My mom is from Nigeria, though. And I stayed with her dad for sometime."Mr Armit nodded. Stared at him in a thoughtful manner, then proceeded to ask. "How long do you intend working here?"It was something he always asked the people who wanted him to offer them jobs. So he could determine if they were getting hired or not."Uh.." O'Connell's voice trailed away, as he searched for an answer in his head. "For as long as possible." He finally provided, maintaining eye contact with Mr Armit.And the man chuckled. Before jo
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O'Connell closed the exit doors shut, and was about heading towards the waiting area where he could hail a taxi, when he saw a man ogling at a teenage girl who was putting on very little clothing, as she walked on the road like one who had no care in the world. The man's wife noticed this, spat into his gaped mouth. And smacked him so hard on the face, that it pulled the attention of people towards them.Something which made O'Connell guffawed in laughter, because it was such an amusing sight to be seen."Well, well, well. If it isn't the rustic petty boy, trying to secure a job." The feminine voice of a female, suddenly pulled him out of his laughing state.Slowly, he turned around to see the owner of the voice.His face squeezed into a frown, when he saw that it was Penelope O'Sullivan.What is she doing out here? Where are her body guards? O'Connell wondered, then tucked his ha
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On getting home, O'Connell tried to get in, but the door was locked. He pounded his fist on the door several times. But there wasn't any response. He swore under his breath, wondering where the hell his roommate went.Eventually the said person jerked the door open. Wearing boxers, was bare chested, with a facial expression of impatience. "Where the hell did you go?" The boy Bentley asked."Job haunting." O'Connell replied, then glanced over Bentley's shoulder, into the living room. There, he saw feminine clothes on the chair, panties and bra on the floor. A sick grin spread across his face, as he returned his eyes to Bentley. "You asshole." He said, then shoved the boy aside so he could make his way into the house."So did you get the job?" Bentley asked O'Connell, as he followed him into the kitchen."Yep." O'Connell replied him, popping the 'P'. Then he slammed the fridge door open to grab a bottle of beer.
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Flashback to how it all started. As a kid, O'Connell was one shy boy, who because of being overweight, chose to be antisocial. He knew he could never blend in because kids always laughed at him, and called him fat and ugly. To the extent of bullying him. He had pale skin, and was round and thick. With thighs like that of woman.  He lived with his maternal Grandpa, Adesina Ayodeji, and Tosin Ayodeji who was his uncle, and seven years ahead of him. O'Connell lived with them in Nigeria because his mom, who had given birth to him at a very tender age, was studying medicine, a seven years course at the University. And his dad, well his mom's fiance, was in Brazil, running his family business. O'Connell's mom had a one night stand, with some stranger in Ireland, when she went visiting , and had no idea she was pregnant until she came back to Nigeria.  So, O'Connell lived with his Grandpa and uncle. With his mom coming from time to time
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O'Connell watched Jeremy through his window, as he rode on his bicycle with his acquaintances. Waiting for the perfect moment to throw down the letter he had wrote, and had crumpled into a paper ball.He had been fantasizing about doing this for a very long time. Ever since few days ago, when he almost slipped and fell into dirt, and Jeremy had caught hold of him and helped him up. O'Connell had finally summoned up the courage to write him about how he felt about him. To him, Jeremy was the most good looking boy he had ever seen. He was so neat and calm in class. Something which had made him develope feelings for him even more. Plus he was nice, caring, had good manners with good grades at school.O'Connell had asked Marguerite once, when she had come visiting, if it was normal to like his own fellow boy. And she replied, saying it was very normal. It was until the boy told her he was inlove with a boy in his class, that she went haywire. Then began yellin
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The third time Jeremy had helped O'Connell again, was when they were both six years old. And O'Connell was trying to sing in front of the whole class, because students were to sing during music class.Other kids had sang when it was their turn, and were rewarded with a round of applause by the rest of the kids. And O'Connell was waiting impatiently for his turn. With anticipation kicking right through him, that he was going to sing in front of the whole class. And maybe when they listen to him as he sing with his voice, which he thought was amazing, then they would bully him less.O'Connell was feeling so giddy on the inside. Almost bouncing on his seat, from excitement. Finally feeling that, that day would be a good day to him. And maybe he could talk finally talk to Jeremy. And play with him on the play ground as well. Because he could still remember Jeremy's act of kindness towards him. How Jeremy had offered him his own milk, when he, O'Connell was crying over his
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O'Connell recalled all that just happened. It was music class, and it was his turn to sing. He had even worn his best outfit to school on that day, and had tried to aww the class, because his uncle and grandpa had pointed out that he had a very nice voice for singing. They had really complimented his outfit that morning, telling him how handsome he was. And he had believed them. Only to arrive at school, at get laughed at by his classmates. Worse, his voice was being mocked, and he was being thrown food, by these classmates. Something his teacher couldn't put to stop. Rather she let it all happened to him. Despite it was really wrong. And he wasn't supposed to be treated like that.The world was cruel. O'Connell thought.Because he had wanted to fit in, wanted to be liked by all. But he had made a big fool of himself, by assuming he was going to get praised for singing perfectly. Because he got laughed at. Insulted, pointed fingers and moc
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There was a continuous sound on O'Connell's window, as if someone was throwing a gravel to hit it. He wondered if it was a dream, or it was just that he was hearing things. But then, the sound was non-stop.He flicked his eyes opened lazily, and then stared at the clock hung on the wall. It wasn't even evening yet, and he had closed his eyes to nap after contemplating if he had done the wrong thing by writing a love letter to his own gender. When he was only nine. He wondered how his parents would feel if they could by any means, find out that he wrote a letter to a boy. Their neighbor's first son.Worst, him developing feelings for a the boy.O'Connell would get scold, he knew. And told that he was too young. And not supposed to like someone from his own gender, but a girl. His mom would caution him, because he was the only child, spank him, and then pray over the situation. Marguerite could be very religious most times.
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