Juan and Miguel went out together for a beer at their favorite bar on the weekend. They talked about everything that had happened in the past month, how their world had just turned upside down. What once seemed impossible to them happened right before their eyes.

- You know what, Juan? I still can't believe what happened to us.- Miguel said, taking a long sip of beer from his mug.

- You know it. I think everyone would feel weird being in our shoes.- Juan agreed fully with him.

- I want to ask you for some advice... I'm going to propose to Nadir, but I don't know if I chose the right ring.- Miguel said, changing the subject and opening a small box before his friend's eyes.

- It's very lovely. In my opinion, Nadir will be delighted. Besides, you two love each other like crazy, so such things doesn't really matter.- Juan replied, looking at the ring with the diamond neatly cut into the shape of a heart.- Have you noticed this interesting situation?- he asked, lookin
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