Light & Darkness: Book 2

Light & Darkness: Book 2

By:  Katherine Monroe  Completed
Language: English
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Miguel Romero, a young lawyer, has no luck in love. His first and only girlfriend, Maria, leaves him to be with his best friend, Juan. Unfortunately, Miguel cannot forget about his ex and has to see her all the time because of his friend. One night, however, everything changes - Miguel meets a woman with whom he falls madly in love. But he doesn't know that the mysterious Nadir hides a very dark secret...

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22 Chapters
~Prologue: Foreword~
In order for the readers to fully understand the content of the book, I cite the characters that will appear in the novel:Succubus (def.) - (Middle-Latin: succubus; from Latin: succuba - "concubine") - in demonology, succubus are demons who take the form of unearthly beautiful women, haunting men in their dreams and tempting them with sexual intercourse. Many sources say that the succubus' motivation is to drain life energy. It is also said that through sexual intercourse with men, succubus collected their sperm, which incubbus later used to impregnate women, and children thus begotten would be especially vulnerable to the influence of Satan.Lilith - Mesopotamian demon kidnapping children. This character is sometimes called the first wife of the biblical Adam. Perhaps Lilith has a connection with Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of war and sexual pleasure. There are many variations of the myth about Lilith: Jerome associated her
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Chapter 1 - Emptiness
Miguel Romero was a young lawyer living in the Mexican capital. He attended an American college, but after finishing school and apprenticeships, he returned to his native country. Miguel was a fairly tall and slender man with broad shoulders, a dark complexion, black eyes and slightly curly hair of the same color. The features of his face were very masculine and looked like carved out of stone, and he had a little bit of facial hair. His apartment was quite modest: it consisted of a living room with an open kitchen, a tiny bathroom and one bedroom. The bathroom contained a toilet, a washbasin, a shower and a washing machine, and in the small bedroom there was a double bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a computer and a chair, a shelf above the desk, full of books, and a whole lot of documents and files stacked in two cardboard boxes on the floor - these were papers he took home to work on. Before, Miguel never took his work home, but recently he preferred to work around the clock ju
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Chapter 2 - The Party
Miguel showed up just on time for Juan's party. His friend greeted him very cordially, and of course She appeared at his side, smiled slightly and hugged him as well. The scent of her hair and skin drove Miguel to despair, so he quickly moved away from her, but gently, without looking at the girl's face. He didn't want to cause himself more pain. Then everyone went further into the apartament, Maria also disappeared somewhere in the crowd, and Juan occasionally offered Miguel a drink or a snack. The music was very good, but that didn't make him want to dance. Finally, Juan went to the dance floor in search of his beloved. An hour and a half of the party passed when Miguel's friend stood in the center, asking for everyone's attention, holding the blissful Maria's hand.- I'd like to announce our engagement. Of course, each of you, dear friends, may already feel invited to the wedding.- Juan announced, looking first at the gathered people, then at his fiance. Maria showed everyon
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Chapter 3 - Mysterious Stranger
Sudden heat woke Miguel from sleep. He was still very dazed, but saw an unearthly beautiful woman approaching him, her brown curls flowing down the bare shoulders, an olive shade, as was the rest of her skin. The woman's eyes were black with a clearly visible desire in them, her lips were full, pink, arranged in a wonderful smile. The features were perfect, making her the most beautiful woman Miguel had ever seen in his life. Then his attention was drawn to her figure - so streamlined, full of wonderful feminine shapes, but at the same time slim, with perfect size. She was beautiful, like a woman from a dream... Miguel really thought he was dreaming because it couldn't be real, she had to be a dream. Was he so desperate as to create an imaginary girl? Miguel couldn't resist so he touched her shoulders and then was sure - no, it wasn't a mirage. The moment he touched that dark, firm skin, it made him sure that this mysterious stranger was absolutely real. Her skin felt like silk - it
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Chapter 4 - Longing For Her
Miguel woke up in the morning, around seven o'clock. It was Saturday, the weekend and no work, and he was usually sleeping until 12 o'clock then, but today just couldn't sleep anymore and wasn't able to get up either. Miguel felt so exhausted as if he wasn't sleeping at all, or someone had literally sucked the energy out of him. He lied down on the bed for an hour, lost in thought. Pain, suffering and despair that he felt just yesterday now have vanished as if they had been sucked out with energy. All Miguel had before his eyes was the face of this mysterious stranger who had visited him during the night. Or was it a dream? But it felt so real... He was sure that could feel the silk of her skin, every fiery kiss, breath, remembered the rose scent of that fluffy hair cascading down her bare back and shoulders... And most of all, Miguel felt as she took his hard cock in her mouth, sucking persistently and making him come quickly, despite all his efforts to prolong this delightful mome
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Chapter 5 - His Savior
Nadir made her way to the portal leading to the surface, but unfortunately Samael stood in her way.- Hello, beautiful... Why are you in such a hurry?- he said, looking at her with his eyes that turned their color to one of the azure sky.- It's not your business.- Nadir hissed and, surprisingly, she said it with remarkable ease. As if his charm had no effect on her. Samael's face showed that he was also surprised by this fact, even frowned and looked her straight in the eye.- Maybe you should be more polite?- he said and a smile appeared on his face. Apparently Samael was trying to influence her senses with his charm, but Nadir didn't even flinch. She felt no chills, not even a hint of desire, as if Samael's charm was no longer working on her.- I don't have time to talk to you. And I'd be grateful if you stepped out of the way.- Nadir told him right in the face as brazenly as ever, which shocked her a little.- I can't let you go because you owe me someth
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Chapter 6 - Meeting the Dream
Nadir smiled as the man looked at her with his beautiful eyes, full of joy at the sight of her. On receiving an assurance from him that he would not jump, the stone fell from her heart.- It's good you won't jump.- she spoke up finally.- Last time we didn't introduce ourselves.- the man said after a moment of silence.- I'm Miguel.- he added, smiling friendly.- Nadir.- she said shortly, almost in a whisper. She heard his every thought and realized that her whisper was stimulating his senses. Nadir wanted to kiss him very much, but knew she had to stop herself. Each kiss deprived him of his life energy, and after the last night with her, he was still weak.- Nice to meet you. Why did you disappear so suddenly yesterday? I missed you so much...- Miguel looked at her and his eyes showed sadness. Fortunately, he had moved far back from the precipice and they were now standing closer to the trees.- I had to. What I did then seemed quite wrong to me... I was wal
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Chapter 7 - Tracker Goes Out on the Hunt
Samael was wandering around the Underworld, not really knowing what to do with himself. He was looking for Nadir because knew that only she could satisfy the desires that Lilith had awakened in him. No other succubus was so appealing, not even the new ones that had just been created. Besides, Samael was like that - if had already found a succubus desired to have, he became slightly obsessed and could not move on to the next one until took over what he had chosen. Therefore also now, if wanted Nadir, he had to get her, and only venting his lust would make Samael pay attention to another "victim". He did not understand how Nadir could resist him for so long, when most of the succubus were jumping into his bed almost right away, always out of their free will, and only for a few he had to do more to seduce them. Even for those ones, however, a glance, a word or a touch was enough, and they already were in his arms. Most succubus also considered it a kind of honor if Samael chose them as
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Chapter 8 - Mysterious Spy
The next day, Nadir woke up in the early morning. The sun was breaking through the slits in the louvers, filling the entire living room with its rays.- I don't think I'll ever get used to it.- she said to herself, rubbing eyes lightly with her hand.After all, Nadir had spent all her life in the Underworld, and to feed she would always go out at night, returning before sunrise, so she was not used to it, and the sun's rays striking her eyes were not pleasant. Nadir got up and pulled the blinds all the way down, then folded the couch she slept on and stowed the sheets in it.While still in her nightgown, Nadir looked into Miguel's bedroom. He was lying almost on the edge of the bed, the duvet was on the floor, so she smiled and walked softly inside. Nadir picked up the duvet and laid it on the bed, covering Miguel tightly with it, then looked at him for a while, lightly touching his hair, but soon slipped out of the room. Nadir wasn't going to wake him, not least beca
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Chapter 9 - New Life and New Feelings
The next day Nadir was awakened by the sun's rays again, and she still couldn't get used to it. It was eight in the morning, which meant Miguel had been in the office for an hour, but he had left a note for her on the kitchen table, and also a full breakfast. How kind of him that was. Nadir knew Miguel was a great man. Nadir wanted to repay him for it, but she also knew what would make him happy, and that was out of the question. She couldn't get any closer to him because it would weaken him too much. The kiss itself was dangerous, let alone something more than that. They could only hug each other or hold hands at most. The sad truth made her sigh. Nadir also wanted to be as close to Miguel as possible, to give him the love he so needed and surely deserved... But how could she do that without hurting him? Was there a way to do this? She would do anything to answer these questions someday.Finally Nadir broke her thoughts and started getting dressed, had breakfast, and went out
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