Chapter 7

I stare at the place for a few seconds as my eyes widen at what I see there.

A beautiful mark of the full moon sits, half-covered with Gray clouds, and a bat is flying around it.

Did I get a tattoo yesterday? It is the thought that crosses my mind. How did this mark come on my neck?

I run my fingers on the mark shiver runs through my body. I kind of like it there. It feels like it belongs there on my body.

With all the questions and debates running through my mind, I get ready for college. I try not to make any noise; I had enough of their bullshit yesterday night.

I don't want to listen to the same today as well. So, I prepare a simple breakfast and arrange the table for the family. Without any concerns, I slip out of the house.

When I reached the college, It was still early. I collected my things from the locker for the first class. I make my way to my classroom.

It was empty, and because I came so early for the course and I didn't get any sleep last night, I flopped on my seat, letting my bag drop to the side of my chair. I rest my head on my disk.

I don't know how long I slept.

'Look at her. How can she sleep after doing such a nasty thing.'

'I haven't seen such a brazen person in my life.'

'If it were me, I would commit suicide or have never left home. Look at her sleeping...'

'Such a wh*re, I don't want to share a class with her.'

I shift because of the noise around me.

'Look at her sleeping like a princess' I hear Tina's voice in my dream.

I furrow my eyebrows together. The voices felt too real. I soon realized it wasn't a dream.

Someone fists my hair and yanks my head up.

"Ahh...!!" I scream because of the pain. The base of my hair stings because of the strong pull. As I open my sleepy eyes, I see Tina and her friends surrounding me from all sides with smug smiles on their faces.

I see Tina snuggled up to David's body, or it's David that has hugged her tight, making her stuck to his body.

His hands are on Tina's abdomen, caressing her smooth skin. To their right is Jemmy and to the left Catherine and John. The one who has my hair in her hand is Katy, who was my best friend once upon a time.

We used to be so close when we were kids, but she started to join Tina's group as we grew up.

At first, she never bullied me. Even if she doesn't want to be my friend, it's fine as long as she doesn't make my life difficult. But I was totally wrong.

When we were in 6th grade, she liked a boy in our class. When she confessed to him, she learned the truth that he had a crush on me.

She started to hate me from that point onwards. She started going out with Tina's friend circle. She even started to ignore me when I tried to talk to her.

When things got pretty wrong with me, I tried to corner her to make her talk to me. She was the only friend I had. I couldn't lose her.

Otherwise, I'll be lonely. I'll never have any friends as everyone fears David and Tina. Nobody will talk to me, what will I do at that time?.

When I forced her to talk to me, she was unwilling to look into my eyes.

I remember when Tina came from behind Katy and told me that all the ideas of bullying me were given by her, my best friend.

Katy hated me so much that she didn't want me to live a single day peacefully in this college.

She thinks because of me she couldn't get together with her first love. When I told her I didn't even know that boy, she just laughed at me like I was a joker and said just me being born and staying alive is my fault.

Just because I existed, he didn't look at her, didn't like her. I sometimes think, What type of logic is that, is her brain is made of sand or something??

So, my existence itself became Taboo for them.

Tina finds fun in bullying me, but Katy has made it her mission to make me suffer for the wrong that I didn't even commit.

After discovering the situation, I was so sad and disappointed by her. Tina was so happy seeing my breakdown in Infront of her and her friends.

When I caught Katy's eyes, I could only see an endless hatred for me. There was no trace of the previous friendship we had with each other. She looked like a complete stranger to me.

From that day onwards, she stopped pretending to be a good girl. Whenever she spotted me in college, she started calling me mean names like b*tch, s*ut, wh*re, etc.

At first, it used to hurt hearing it from her. I cried every day to make myself sleep because of exhaustion.

That's when I decided I didn't want to have friends ever again. I don't need anyone in this life. I can be my own friend. I can only protect myself and my heart from these heartbreaks and cheating when I stay alone.

Nobody will hurt me if I don't make friends with anyone. I'm alone is enough for me and myself to survive in this cruel world.

As I recall those days, my eyes are filled with tears, the pain I suffered. "Who do you think you are, Sleeping beauty?"

"Answer me, you B*tch." I blinked at her words, not understanding since I was in my own world recalling the past. A hard slap on my face made me come back to the present.

"What do you want from me? Let me go" I struggled under her hand to free my hair from her tight grip.

"Oh, Look who is finally talking" John's voice rang in my ears as I turned to his side, pulling Katy's hand away from my hair. I just glare at them all before standing up from my chair.

I push them aside, making my way towards the door away from all of this. Nobody stops me from leaving, which is odd, I think. As I reached the front of the classroom, nearing the door, David's loud voice rang in my ears.

"With whom did you spend yesterday night?" Colour drained from my face as he continued, "did you both have fun? How was it?"

The whole class got Pindrop silent at his words.

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Bella Jersey
How would you know I been with anybody?
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Bella Jersey
Has Tina been using her vampire powers on people to make them hate Ellie?

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