Chapter Eighteen: After Party

I was nervous while walking towards my parents who were still busy talking with the guests. Anvien and Lunan are with me being giddy and excited.

They said they both had a great idea about something and wanted to ask permission from my parents. 

“Uhm. Mom, Dad. Can I excuse for a moment?" I excused myself.

They both looked at me.

"They want to talk to you." I said while pointing at my friends at the back.

They started talking. My mom and dad openly listened to what my friends were saying. Anvien seemed to be used to persuading. She’s a business major, after all. I bit my lip. I feel so nervous and I don't know if what they're talking about is a great idea. 

“Sure, there’s no problem with that. You guys enjoy it! Take care of that young lady, okay?&r

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