Chapter 19


Taking his words to be true, I grab the plate from him. I am still suspicious, but I guess there is no harm in eating the sandwiches if this is what he wants me to do.

I grab the first sandwich and start eating it. My eyes meet his dark eyes occasionally. The tension between us is dangerous.

The way he looks at me always does strange things to me. I want to lean in, touch him, want to know what he truly feels and thinks and needs.

Agent Vitali pushes his hand forward and places my stray hair behind my ear. My chewing mouth pauses as I find it difficult to move for a second.

His thumb slides down my cheek and halts at the corner of my lips. My heart does somersault in my chest, wanting to break out of the ribcage and land near his feet if given the chance.

“ What do you want so bad? ” His voice is a mere sensual whisper, a question he is asking to himself

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